Monday, November 13, 2006

Freakin' Joe on the Loose

Tunghayan natin ang kapanapanabik na kabanata sa buhay ni Renzy Benzy sa nag-iisang... - HUWAG MO AKONG SALINGIN!

Duh! what an introduction! Well, I've got this idea in one of the PDA's episodes (I think it's last night's episodes) wherein Davey toyed Jay-r acting like a radio drama or something. Sheesh! And the title Huwag mo akong Salingin is the tagalog translation of Rizal's Noli Me Tangere.

I just invented the title Freakin' Joe on the Loose because of the freak weather today. You know what, nakakapanibago ang panahon ngayon ! It's so hot at noon then all of the sudden, the clouds will get heavier and heavier until that freakin' rain will come. I've just read that when I was in elementary. This natural occurence is called a SQUALL. Another reason is that the cumulonimbus cloud, which is the main suspect on this case, is the fastest cloud of all. We'll never notice it's travel nor it's velocity unless if we observed the sky with keenness. I had no time for this.

Oh no! malapit na ang distribution of cards this coming Monday! Ano kaya ang rank ngayon? Hmphhh, can't wait 'til Friday!

By the way, my dad prohibited me and my mom to buy any imported chocolates from China that is sold about 15 - 25 pesos per 100 grams. He feared that these yummy chocolates are expired for a minimum of six months or so. Talking about the exaggeration of Hitler! Just then, my mom went out of the house yesterday to buy some medicines to my lola and she also went to the mall to buy me some school materials like the long bond paper, Acryll binder refill and my Pilot G-tec C3 Refill. Hinding-hindi ako mabubuhay 'pag walang G-TEC! Ika nga, G-tec powers my life! Lolz. So she bought a 100 grams imported chocolates from China worth 25 pesos. And it's so yummy! I'll tell you, nakaka-adik and mga tsokolate! Much more, we finished the whole bunch of assorted chocolates in just a minute!

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