Monday, November 20, 2006


I really hate waking up early. Now what's the big deal on it?! Precisely, yes it has a big deal on it. Fortunately and unfortunately, I have to deal with the tremendous workloads here in school. We, as a senior, were trained to be prepared and to be pressured by any circumstances. Likewise, our Math Teacher announced the project last Thursday and the deadline is on Monday! I mean it's okay kung wala kaming ginagawa o di kaya't di kami busy but worse is that This week's gonna be excruciating not just to me but for everybody. Universal it seems. Imagine, I'll gonna attend this lame quiz bee again this Wednesday and also in this day will be our unit test (long test) for Physics and Math!!! Arrrggghhh! Lord, help me! All I could do is to imagine the future - what lies in my head is to quit but it seems impossible. I mean being a quitter gets a loser's badge. Get it?! I wanna cry but I must put this in my mind that I could do this. Really. I know my potentials and limitations. How I wish I could skip all these factions! Help me!!

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