Saturday, November 11, 2006

Is it a Nerd or a Geek?

Now, ladies and gentlemen, before I proceed, first let me say that I consider myself as a nerd. Well what's the difference?

Let's start off with the geeks:

-Geeks are geekazoids!

-They unite to conquer the world!

-Their usual attire is a tucked-in polo shirt with there dorky glasses and there braces
-They have no sense of style at all!
-They speak in English!
-most geeks are addicted to board and card games, probably Yu-gi-oh and etc.
-They are annoying!
-They don't care if the teacher is angry as long as they can asked questions
-They tend to stick into trios or triad

Now for the nerds:

-They had sense of style
-Although they like to be alouf
-They want to be a loner for at least one day.
-They love to read tons of books and magazines
-They didn't like gigs
-They're not annoying, usually
-Sometimes they're weird!
-He/She can be either friendly or a foe

Now, are you ONE of US?

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