Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mundane is O-r-d-i-n-a-r-y

Finally! After at least one looong hour of waiting in the net cafe, it's my turn! At last! Well, It's been a long while since I realize that it was Sunday! Oh no! It's school tomorrow again - another long week to deal with. Fortunately, we didn't go out this day because my dad had an emergency meeting in Midsayap somewhere in Cotabato. So, we stayed in the house for the whole day! It's like summer though Christmas is near!

What happpened last night was terrible. I mean, yes, I thought that the super typhoon Queenie would not come in Davao so I guess it would be rather a humid night. But, like what I've said, expect the unexpected! Ayon, It rained hard for about two and a half hours accompanied with strong winds. I was watching PDA then when I decided to transfer inside of my room due to severe thunderstorm. Baka masira pa ang 29-inch flat tv namin that we bought about 5 months ago. I could barely hear the tv so I adjust the volume into full blast! By midnight, the rain ceased and I decided to have a nice cup of milo. But when I open the kitchen door, the whole floor is wet! Muntikan na ako maslide but thank God! I discovered that due to the gustiness of the wind, it directed the rain into the screen door which was not properly closed at that time. It made me irritated at that time! Then I realized that in the sala, some parts of the floor are wet and it's quite dangerous because our floor is tiled and it's slippery even if you just step on it. Because of that, I paste a note behind the kitchen door saying, "Basa ang whole floor ng kusina." So, when my parents woke up, they cleaned the kitchen floor.

And the reason why I'm late in the net cafe is because I made the stupid 25 blank sheets of the Math activity portfolio! It's all because of my stupid sipsip classmate, double D! She's so stupid, I guess (oops!). Oh well, back then what made me surprised in our math lesson today is that, our lesson was reiterated way back in our first-year lesson! I was expecting that our lesson would be like Introduction to Calculus, Probabilities and Derivatives. But, our lesson was Synthetic Division, Multiplying Polynomials which I guess it's plane useless! And besides, it's for our own good naman eh, when we'll be in our tertiary level! Palibasa, our teacher was insane! Maybe, due to overdose of Dextrose! (ahihihi!)

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Renz Marione M. Bulseco
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  1. where??asan ang mga tagalog words??haha..sobrang konti naman !!! hehe..but okei na ren... yan yung mga like kong basahin yung about sa daily life activities! btw...who's that stupid girl your talking 'bout huh?!..kaw ha..bad yun!!!!*woot*

    take care!!!