Friday, November 17, 2006

Crucial Period

There so many reasons why this period is the most crucial one. Projects, in the first place, are being announced starting a week ago and the deadlines are in the month of December! Oh dear! I have to comply with all these earth-shaking projects especially Filipino! Grabe naman o, walang patawad!

Needless to say, this week is kinda cool yet a stressful one. Let's start with these:

-unannounced quizzes on different subjects are frequent nowadays! Arrghh! Can't help it! Somehow, I'm the reporter of English with the topic: Different types of sentences according to form. Though the topic is very easy, but my English teacher gave me this "out-of-this-world" on-the-spot challenge! Imagine, she asked me to write the sentence containg one subordinate clause and two independt clause, thus it was a no challenge for me. Sisiw! But as time progress, She demanded me to write another with sentences with another style of clauses - it can be with one another, a partner or it can be work as partners. Luckily, I was not embarassed at that moment thinking that my sentences would be a flop one. Seemingly, my teacher was quite impress to me 'coz I could construct a type of sentences in a hasty manner. Ayon, napahiya na tuloy ang maestra, hehehe, Yeah!

Oh, by the way, I'm the 5th honor in my classroom with a general average of 90.1. How I wished that this third grading would be higher than 90.1. My target for today's grading is 92 and above.Needless to say, I can't write any entries for tomorrow because of the Social-Filipino Club Colaboration of the Field Trip. I guess, this would be fun unless it's only my prerogative.

It's time too say adios to my blog! It's the distribution of the report cards today, nevertheless, it's half-day today!

And the heck it is, there's the lame training of Ma'am Morning (obviously not here real name, duh!) of Regional Press Conference and I'm gonna represent the Sports Writing divisions by December. AaaRRGh, what's wrong with December? Is it a cursed month or what?

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