Monday, November 27, 2006

All days at Work

Another week, another stressful hours to deal with. Since then, it was like an ordinary day today but I felt that there's kinda freaky feeling to deal with. Today, I'm doing an online homework, which is all about tsunami (pronounced as 'sunami in case you didn't know.. peace!). It's kinda related to our lessons, which is on Physics, all 'bout the different types of waves according to its height and properties. So much for that kiddo. Last Friday, we watched a documentary film entitled "Tsunami Chasers" in which it tackled about a killer tsunami that hit a remote place in Papua New Guinea way back on July 20, 1998 - more or less. But what struck the scientists in there is that the tsunami is not generated by an earthquake because the appropriate height and the magnitude doesn't match at all. In fact, the height of the tsunami is way too big than of a magnitude 7 earthquake. Well, in my childhood up to the pre-adoloscent age, I dreamt to be like that. Even though the salary is not that big or fixed but I guess, it's the job what I like. Science is my passion in order to save as much as millions of lives before a catastrophic disaster would take place. This show was filmed by the Discovery Channel and it has a vcd package on it - just one cd but I don't know what's the price on it.

Before I proceed, let me tell you something about my inconsistency about the topics that I've posted on my blog:

pasensya na kung samu't saring ideya ang iprinisenta ko ngayon dahil sa totoo lang, wala talaga akong maisip na isulat o di kaya i-dedecode dito sa blog ko. Peace yoh!

Second,the long unit test in English was cancelled due to the class schedule of Turquoise. Instead, it was moved tomorrow and it would be scheduled first period in the morning SIMULTANEOUS. In an instance, I studied last night but it's okay 'coz I'm gonna review only the stories and the grammar lessons for tonight. Thank God! But, I had no knowledge what we'll do this afternoon. (Our English class would be first period in the afternoon).

We need to finish the remaining pictorials of our El Fili Project! Hopefully it would be finished and be developed not later this week. For those who didn't know, I don't have a talent on dancing because first of all, DANCING is PASSION . Really! But, it's a great use because last month, during our intrams, I joined the Cheerdance competition and thank God, I had a talent to dance. Thankfully, I didn't dance like a geek or a jerk!

Well, this kinda long so hope you'll give me some comments nabout my post today. See yah later! Just keep reading!

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