Saturday, January 06, 2007

What I've Missed

It's been like almost a week or so since my last post. Well, it's just like I'm sick and tired waiting for the loading time of the internet. I found out that the internet connection would be back to its normal 'basis' within two to three weeks. 2 to 3 EXCRUCIATING and IMPATIENT weeks to deal with. Oh dear, it's just like I've been so unlucky or what?! Nahh, big deal, it's because of that damn earthquake that hit Taiwan which damaged the undersea communication cable which affects its performance. Somehow the rate dropped tremendously from 50 GB per second to 5 GB per second. Bloody hell! Anyways, this would be my first post for the year 2007 - the year of the raging FIRE PIG! Yeehah! Oink-oink-oink! I found out that those who were born in 1966, 1978, 1990 and 2002 would be lucky this year because Horse is lucky today. And for those pigs out there? You're unlucky this year. Too bad.

Last time, I made a punchline a while ago if there's such a year of the fish. Yeah, silly me. Now, okay here we go, let me explain why is there a bunch of pictures about Davao City in my previous post dated on December 31, 2006. It's because my aunt forwarded these things via email to me. And I think it would be a lateral proposal to all of you that Davao is really a wonderful city. From the state-of-the-art airport to it's bustling streets and sprawling billboards out there, I mean it's just that I'm proud to be a Dabawenyo . Clearly, by means of transportation, Davao's free of traffic well, except on rush hours on those primary streets of the city. And take note, it's the third largest city in the world and it's the 17th livable city in the whole world. Davao's could be innate but it's an industrialized, commercialized and urbanized city. It's land size is way to bigger compared to the whole NCR - approximately 2,200 sq. km. And take note, the water is safe to drink with for it's the third in the world as the most potable drinking water, 2 places form the champion, New Zealand. And the city is very accessible in terms of by air, sea or land. It's an hour and quarter of an hour away from the capital city and it's relatively cheap to live in Davao compared to other cities here in the Philippines.

Well, that's it! Let's change topic, shall we? Well, I'm so happy when the results of the periodical exam had been returned two days ago. Here are the results of my test during the Third Periodical Examination:

:: Christian Living [ 98% ] --> whoaa!
:: Filipino [ 96% ]
:: Physics [ 94% ]
:: English [ 92% ]
:: Economics [ 90% ]
:: Mathematics [ 88% ] --> Yeah, right. See that?! Nyaha.

And my new year's resolution? Study harder, don't waste time, be frugal, don't procrastinate but just cram - well it doesn't matter because I'm getting used to it and be alert on every lessons taken by the teacher. And most of all, be a good son. Graduation is fast approaching but before I march, I must undergo series of 'stressful' weeks which you would encounter from my posts soon.(I guess, no, obviously? Duh. =). Well, I found out that I'm kinda interested and it's like I love to study in day. I mean, my day's incomplete if I didn't study even a single subject. Well, that's it. I'm sure you miss me (or not.) At least I had this first post for the year 2007. Happy oink-oink year again!

Oh yeah! I've heard that the tuition hike for UP Campuses around the country would be approved - that is 300%! Imagine, in UP Diliman and Manila respectively, the rate per unit is 1000 pesos while in Mindanaom it's 600 pesos already, equivalent to at least 30 thou per sem or year or whatsoever. I'm thinking for this over and over again!

*author's note: If you found that there's an error regarding of my presentation of those facts, kindly correct me immediately and just comment or email me. Thanks! Enjoy reading!*

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
01.06.07 - 2.51 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT

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