Friday, January 26, 2007

Fraudulence and the Excitement

Sending emails, checking emails, writing a blog. Whatever. Of all these things, I've been receiving countless emails regarding that I've won a lotto, a multi-million dollar account which I reputedly inherit in a uncivilized country and the latest, one asking me for my help because of the civil war in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. It goes like this:

Dear Friend,

My name is Luke Omenda,I am sorry if this mail will come to you as an embarrassment or a suprise,I just felt like empting myself to you,I decided to confide in you,as am faced with total frustration and hardship. My ernest prayer is that you find this mail in good health and blessings. I am presently residing in Abidjan,Cote d'Ivoire.I left my country with my father after the death of my mother during the war in our country and we came here because my father owned a business here,(cocoa business), during the going political crisis here which has turn out into a civil war since 2003,my father was attacked and killed here at the hit of the crisis as the rebels were killing prominent foreigners with the reason that they were financially supporting the government against them and the rebels are accusing the government of doing the killing.

Presently,I am staying in a REFUGEE camp assisted by the Red cross organization,due to the war which the camp is 'securized'--^ The heck?! Is that a word?! by united nations forces and after the death of my father,our house was set ablaze,I was unable to meet my needs pay my bills and accommodation and in my dilemma which was another reason for going to the camp,where I could at least feed and sleep as I did not know anyone here. I take permission to go to the town where they have internet access to enable me mail you.

Secondly,my late father concealed some amount of money in a trunk box and deposited it in a safe keeping house to the sum of $27.3 million dollars which I will want you to help me move out of this country because of the war here. But the safe keeping house does not know the true content of the trunk to be cash as my father declared upon deposit as containing art craft for export. My father confided so much in me after the death of my mother,we were so close that he never did anything without my knowledge and opinion. All that I want is your sincere and genuine help in helping me safe guide this trunk which means that you will have to come here so that we can meet face to face first before proceeding with this claim,as we have to do the claiming of the trunk which the money is concealed claimed out of the safe keeping house first and the money moved out of this country as I am the named next of kin to this deposit.I cannot allow the money remain here while because of the war here which possess a great risk to as my life and future solely lies on it.If you have heard from the news for the past few months now there has been intense fighting and bombing by the French troops which I will like to live here as soon as we have this money moved out of this country. I will also like upon your arrival here to open an account in any of the international banks of your choice here where this money will be lodged into for transfer to your country,I know that this is our first mail,but I have decided to confide in you .I want you to know that for years now,I have lived in absolute frustration,tires and pains without any person around me,no parent,uncles or friend,but God had kept me until now,which I believe that I will smile once again.

Thirdly, I intend you helping me to claim this money as I intend living for your country to start an entire new life and complete my education,as you will have to help in the investment of this money.But I really need your help at this trial and difficult time of mine. I am totally frustrated that my whole mind for now lies on my survival which is securing this money.Please I am confiding completely in you and I really need your assistance at this point of my life as you alone knows of this venture.I wait to hear from you. Thank you for your corporation.

Yours Sincerely,

Luke Omenda.

Duh, stupidity. Pure fraudulent facts and inconsistent ideas.

Now, the UPCAT RESULTS are in and guess what?! I passed on the most difficult entrance exam in the whole Philippines! Well it goes like this:

Here's the application form of my UPCAT:

First choice of school/campus:

UP Mindanao - 1st choice: BS Biology :: 2nd choice: BS Food Technology

2nd choice of school/campus:

UP Manila - 1st choice: BS Biochemistry :: 2nd choice: BS Biology

Okay, so much for that. I qualified for the Mindanao Campus, well I'm quite curious if I'm qualified for UP Manila. But my dad is reluctant to send me to Manila just to attend the tertiary education for some valid reasons:

First is that, money is quite a hindrance when you sent your children to Manila for the rest of college years. Yes, he can afford it but it's quite extravagant when you send money to Manila. And mind you, Manila's quite expensive compared to Davao. Besides, UP Mindanao had the same standard like UP Diliman, UP Manila, UP Los Baños and other UP Campuses nationwide.

Second, I'm still a dependent person. When I get sick, usually the first thing I do is to look for mom rather than getting the first, right initiative which is to take the medicine on my own. I'm not still independent. Yikes!

Yes, I'm still not ready, and despite these, I felt lucky and glorious because not all of my classmates, they could be more intelligent than me but they didn't pass the UPCAT. The first reason is that, they chose a quota course and mostly, they chose a campus which had the highest cut-off grade, which is UP Manila and Diliman.

Well, I felt relieved when my dad approved that I would take the medicine proper on UP Manila! Yeehah!

Enough of that UP thing. In school, I felt really good but stressed. I usually got perfect scores for various quizzes in other subjects, and I really study every night. Up to now, I'm really preoccupied with Math. We had this difficult quiz about proving identities but I love it! It really test your skills in logical thinking and reasoning. Sine, cosine, cosecant, cotangent alpha beta tetta, whatever! As long as I'm an expert on it. Tsk.. just joking. And in Physics,the subject matter is getting more and more difficult than I've ever thought. Optics, light, concave, convex, sheesh! Got to study all of these over and over again until I master all of these.

In practices, everything's getting worse and worse. Especially when we had encountered our very own 'impakta directress', Sr. Sony. Well the story goes like this:

We needed the electric piano badly for the Culmination's dry run. So, we went to her 'anomalous' office. She had this freaky melancholic voice.

Sony: what is these?

Me and Vebz: Sister, this is the letter of permission, and we would like to use the clavinova in the dry run.

Sony: Who will use it?

Me: It's me sister.

Sony: Oh! Only the teachers can use it. Definitely I can't borrow you my clavinova. Sorry!

After numerous pleads, she declined our request. After we went outside to her office, the feeling is very damaging, I mean, perhaps it's gonna be the end of the world when I get frustrated. We paid our tuition fees, and yet, arrgghhh! What a shame! What a SHAME! Fuck off! Can't wait till I graduate!

Prom's coming and I'm not that excited.

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
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