Friday, January 12, 2007

Countless Thoughts

Torrential rain keeps on battering the city causing unimaginary havoc and some noted disasters in the neighboring towns of Davao and some other towns in the Visayas as well. No people, this is not the primary cause of a typhoon but it's just a feeble Intertropical Convergence Zone or ITCZ as what the local people called. Seemingly, the weather for the whole week is very good, I think and for me because it's very cold, there's no need for full blast of the aircon unit and it's very comfortable, though, the only problem in here is it causes much more damage not just with the property but it also, rather cost lives as well. Numerous landslides had been recorded in just a span of two weeks wherein it cause damage to the national road of Davao del Sur, and it softens the soil which damage the national property. Unfortunately, as I had learned from the news last night, the landslide had cost a life and made the other 2 still missing - nowhere to be found. Inasmuch that today, the weather is fine, the sun showed his awe to the people but nevertheless, weather today is much more unpredictable. Maybe, rain will batter again and release tremendous downpour in the city.

Oh yeah, the Davao River is now in critical level. Ideally, the rain had caused some major problems to the environment indirectly. Seemingly, the rain had caused tremendous siltation to the Davao River, which drains to the Davao Gulf. Now, because of siltation, it causes damage especially to the Marine Life, which is fish kill, which drains up the Oxygen supply of the water which eventually causing to drown several fishes underwater, literally. Hey, am I a Marine Biologist or what? Or am I talking the Geek Language again? Oh my, oh dear.

Talking about intelligence (ehem) or words similar to that word, I'm in the honors list again, in fact, I'm the third among more than 30+ qualified students in the classroom with an average of 91.4 . I'm so happy. And in fact in my batch, out of 204, I'm the 6th. I'm so happy, really, well it's just like I've proved myself that I could do the impossible, well I know my limitations and capacities as well.

Back at home, as usual, I told mom about this (except the over-all rank) and she's okay about it. Okay, now here's another one. As I arrived home, maybe that's Tuesday, if not mistaken that one of mom's student impatiently said that it is his turn already because he had already ''memorized'' the whole concept about the Philippine Festivals, and etc. So, mom questioned him and this is the actual conversation of the two:

Kingking: Teacher, memorize ko na lahat. Ako naman please????

Mom: Okay king, when do we celebrate Christmas?

K: 12 midnight.

Mom: Wrong! It's December 25 my dear!

K: Ay, oo, tama. hahahahaha!

Mom: Tawa-tawa ka jan. Okay, next question. Kelan nagsisimula at nagtatapos ang Simbang Gabi?

K: Three o'clock!

*and everybody laughed*

M: Hahahaha.. nakakatuwa ka talaga! Mali!

Well, that ends there funny conversation.

Fortunately, I made the Graduation Song and hopefully, we'll gonna win for the eliminations last week of February to be sung in our graduation day.

It's like hell again - totally different and innate. By Monday, it would be our CSAT (College Schools Aptitude Test) or whatever that acronym means. And by Wednesday, it would our NCAE (I don't know what this means again.. sorry!). For the whole week we had to review Five different subjects for the most excruciating yet the ''most awaited'' test of the year. I know that CSAT would be that difficult compared to the latter examination. We had to sit in the armchair for at least 8 hours just to answer those confusing questions of the said test. And even lunchbreak and recess is time pressured. Oh my, oh dear. There are several preparations before you leave highschool.

Oh, before I forgot. I broke the key of the Music Room! Oh noooo! Miraculously, our Music Teacher is not angry to me but he keeps on threating me about that old jammed door. Shoot!

Renz Marione M. Bulseco

01.10.07 - 12.51 pm - local time

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