Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another day

Before we proceed to any of those inquisitive facts and fraudaulent accussations, let me write or type some of the highlights before new year. Well, mom bought me these oh-so fluffy and comfortable slippers that I've been undyingly request her to buy these cool slippers. Thank god, she bought it 8 or 9 days ago, I think. Then, it's so cool. As you can see on the picture, I look like a lion or something different which made my mother, father and brother laugh whenever they see me walking to my new slippers.

I've discovered something. Something about those pesky nails. Well, for the whole last and final week of the year 2006, swarms of snails creeped in our garden which is quite awkward and yucky to see. From the small variety to the big one. (Eeeewww!) Then, my dad gathered all those pesky snails in the the dustpan (mind you, it was filled instantly), then he told me to bring the salt. I obeyed him of course. Then he said that this is the BEST way to kill a snail rather than to throw it in a almost 90-degree trajectory path and wait for the final squish to come. NAh, seriously, dad sprinkled generous amounts of salt and guess what? Snails began to mutate, or what the heck is that - the just simply melt in a gooey way. So we threw it in a canal and the snail massacre went for almost 3 straight nights. Yoh!

Christmas vacation is indeed the most boring days of my life. Somehow, it's the idlest days that I've ever experience. So this means that life in school is funnier than in home ut definitely, there are lots and tons of goods and treats during the yuletide vacation. New Year in Davao is quiet, as usual because of the city ordinance which states that firecrackers are banned in the city which was implemented 4 years ago. But still, it was still good despite the deafening silence in Davao, and what's good is that nobody got hurt in Davao, except the girl who had been hit by the stray bullet in Island Garden City of Samal.

School is up, the distribution of cards would be next friday which made me anxious and nervous for my rank, the Culmination of Activities would be coming for the last week of January which hopefully, I would become the part of the cast, then the JS Promenade this 2nd week of February and the last but not the least, the ultimate Finals this last week of February till the first Friday of March. After that, we'll graduate on March 24, 2007. Too sad but it's the time to face another life - the College Life.

Somehow, aside from those fun-filled and exciting upcoming activities, I would undergo series of hard tests, quizzes and projects. Oh my! I just post my newly acquired pictures because I'm a vain person (does it spelled vaine or vain? Never mind!).

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
01.06.07 - 03.53 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT

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  1. karlee6:55 PM

    hoy feel kaayo nimo ang senior year ba... chill. take it easy. hehe. 'the worst is yet to come'... uh.. i think. hahahah pero sana, 'the worst is over.' haha ambot...