Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Farewell Song

It really annoys me when someone annoys me with all those nonsense crappy topic. Sheesh, take this for example:

I've been receiving numerous emails claiming that I won the UK Lottery with a jackpot prize of $15,000,000 or I inherited lots of cash and properties from Burkina Faso and Africa. What am I? Stupid?! Like, duh, I've never purchased a Lottery ticket direct from London nor I had a rich family in those 3rd world countries mentioned. Arrghhh, maybe these scums are syndicates trying to victimize another innocent yet naive victim. Seriously, duh!

Anyways, after numerous failed attempts, I had finished the Graduation song approximately 3 days ago. Well it goes like this:

Enigmatic Dreams
Renz Marione M. Bulseco


I remember that it started with a smile,
Makes me grin when I remember these
We barely knew each other for a while
In an instant we became the best of friends
I look back to the time when we've first met
But I know we've shared our lifelong dreams
Those dreams have yet untold (Have yet untold..)
And still we met the same infinity
Remember the times that we had fallen and stumbled down.. (of all the times..)
But still we stand together and face the reality.. (united we stand..)


A moment to cherished with
A moment to say goodbye
But friend this not the end (never say goodbye..)
And time will come we'll meet again!
We can't wait to see each other..


Tomorrow's gonna be another great day
Sunshine reigns in our brand-new phase of life
Tears that rolled and the untainted laughter that we have made
The joys and pains that we've ventured in
Follow your dreams, the stars as your path
In the end will gonna miss each other again
We'll never know that our life would be fulfilled (our destiny..)
So if we could reach the rainbow's infinite end, life must go on...
Go on...


Have you recalled those trials we've pursued
Those trials made us stronger than before.
Those days could be the worst in our life
But then you gave support to me as well.
We laughed, we shared, we cried (every now and then..)
To be united is the greatest immunity
We've struggled all along (struggled long before..)
And we proved that the stars aren't blind at all!
The days had passed so fast and we can't turn back time (no more regrets..)
But still my dear friend this is not the final adieu! (Thank you my friend!)

repeat bridge then chorus..
Instrumental.. then Bridge, chorus (1 fret higher..)


My dear friend, thank you
We've shared our ups and downs
It's time to say our final goodbyes
Time will come and we will see each other.. again!

In my own estimate, this song would last approxamately 10 minutes, more or less. This would be enough in our graduation rites. Hope our section would win again after the triumphant Mo. Candida Song Composition which we won the first place. Maybe, this would be the final piece, But I'll make some minor changes with the help of my talented friend Kitin together with the responsible (ehem..) officers of the Chrysolite Class.

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
01.13.06 - 03.55 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT

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