Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just being Lucky

As usual, my favorite hang-out and past time when I get bored is to surf the net all through out until my eyes get sick of it, eventually after 6 or 7 hours eventually. Too much radiation is bad so I must have a limitation. Right now, though, I'm in an internet cafe. Well, 2 hours id the leadt that I can afford. As I surf the net, I could see much of my complementary teenagers around here. Maybe a year older to me or a two. Then, they all laughed like silly animals, chatting to some girls out there full of pretentions, nah, I don't care about them, really. But what caught my attention is that when he edited his own friendster account, well guess what?! he's only sixteen! His birthday was June 30, 1990, but to think he looks thirty or what, but heck!? Seriously. I don't think that he still attends school but what made me smirked on that time is that, he doesn't know how to spell Engineer! , for he spelled 'ingineer' , and layout as ' layuot ' . His friends are laughing at him like flying hippos! Oh my God! A sixteen year-old can't spell those easy words?! Oh my,what's happening around here? Well it's not like I'm making fun og him or what, but seriously, it's a big deal for me. But then, lately I realized that he was only a 'tambay' (a person who doing nothing at all; idle), and he doesn't attend school anymore, in my own point-of-view. Maybe, because of financial problems, that the parents have insufficient money to send their son to school or what. Mind you, he's a smoker- maybe the reason why he looks older than me, because study shows that nicotine and over a thousands, yes, thousands of harmful chemicals found in just one cigarette could cause such damages to brain and it makes you older than usual.

Just what I've realized lately, I'm lucky. So lucky.

Yesterday was yet another tiring day. In the morning, I had to wake up early again, not because I had to attend those stupid practices or what, but because we had an obligation to do- an obligation to serve most especially to the children. We had our reach-out in an institution just behind Davao Medical Center or DMC. This is an institution wherein children who were abandoned in the hospital where placed here usually after their reckless mother left them after they gave birth to these innocent children. But, as what the standby officer had oriented us that their are some cases that they accept those children who were voluntarily placed in the institution by their parents due to financial problems and insanity. Somehow, there are other cases that children are brought in here because their father's a criminal, their mom died, so forth and so on. Last thing is that, three of the admitted children are mentally retarded. The eldest is 16 yrs. old, 13 yrs. old and 11 yrs. old. The three of them are brothers and their mother died after she gave birth to the father. I don't know what happened to their father.

So we went inside, cuddling those cute babies, played with them, mingled with them in their playroom. We had adopted those cute babies named NR , which stands for No reaction and Pouty, because of her Pouty lips . Both them are really adorable. We took pictures to them and to ourselves of course. Then there's this one child, a girl who's very annoying, for me, maybe she's a KSP (kulang sa pansin) or what, maybe she's that because of her traumatic experience, whatever. Imagine, she really wants to ride on our backs, especially to the boys, and what made us laughed when he went ot my bestfriend, Cocok and kissed him. Not an ordinary kiss but an erotic kiss! It's like she wanted to lick Louie's face back and fro. And there's this one kid when he had a tantrum, Ma'am went to him and guess what? As if there trying to be in a circus act! Seriously! We ate the merienda together with them and went back to school by 10 am.

By lunch, we went to the mall and ate at the Port Cafe . There we went to the gaming section of the mall, and one of my friend's barkada, Kate met her other barkada as well. They mingled and talked for while and then we went to Sonic Boom. Me and Daniel played the Dance Revo in which I beat him, to think he's a great dancer than to me, who danced like a stick! Hahahaha. After that, Kate met her another friend. Talk for a while and showed his magazine to Kate. I had a quick glance to the magazine and it contains a 'hunk' with his descriptions and bio-data about him. I thought that their friend was feautured in that magazine. And they bade goodbye with a goodbye kiss (to the cheeks), similar to lovers. Then I asked,

"Uyyy, ikaw Kate ha, boyfriend ka na ha!"

Then she replied without hesitation,

"Boyfriend ka jan! Siya yung sinasabi ko sayo kanina nung nasa Anchies, dun sa friendster slide show ko, (net cafe in school) yung kabarkada ko na gwapo pero BADING! "

I was stunned at that moment and replied okay. We want to take a studio picture, but because we had no money, well we have money but we have to save as well. So we decided to go to the school to attend various practices in preparation fot the school's Culmination Activity.

At school, I was disappointed again because that 'impaktita' directress of ours prohibited to use the piano in the gym because somebody forgot to lock it. By that time, my friend, who happened to be the President of the Glee Club cried and requested to our Prefect to use the piano in a desperate manner. Good thing, the prefect agreed.

So we have our practices and fuck! It was tiring, yet I enjoyed.

Good thing, my dad fetched me and we ate dinner to our Lola's house.

Fuck these things dude! Today, I realized that tomorrow's gonna be the start of the Culmination week! And in Physics, we are asked to bring such difficult things to find just to make a Homemade Flashlight, Periscope, and Kaleidoscope! The bad thing was, our Physics teacher decided that it would be our Laboratory Grade, which is included in our Class Standing! Shoot!

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