Friday, February 02, 2007

Weather weather lang!

At laging tandaan, ang buhay ay weather-weather lang! Yah, right, as what Kuya Kim's closing tag when he ends his weather report accompanied by his trivial facts and figures about animals, plants and everything under the sun that is interesting in TV PATROL WORLD . Talking about the weather, the weather for today in Davao is very COLD ! Well, it's not because of the ITCZ again, but it's the Cold wind all the way from Siberia and it totally extends up to Mindanao because of the High Pressure Area situated along the Philippines and Taiwan. On the other hand, It's so cold that I didn't my air-conditioner last night. I only let the cold air rushed through my veins which made my spines chill! Whoa, isn't that a ghost or what?! Freaky isn't it? Well, I love the weather today because it's so tempting and the weather, accompanied by the cold wind makes you feel like your in Milan, London or Belfast. Yah right, at least, I can't feel the sun's excruciating, intense and scorching heat. Oh man! And in Baguio City , temperature their is getting lower and lower until it reached 10 degrees Celsius . I could remember that when I was young, well I'm a fan of Ernie Baron (may he rest in peace), so definitely I watched his weather reports everyday, that the coldest temperature in Baguio ever recorded was 7-9 degrees Celsius . Imagine, it's colder than my room when the aircon's setting was set to the maximum temperature and the fan speed is high, but still, the lowest temperature in my room was only 14 degrees!

Enough of that weather, as in the climate thing, because the temperature of my brain reaches up to 40 degrees! Help! In short I'm not in the mood today, and I'm totally pissed off by three things. Well let's start for the least cause, of course.

---1st cause:---

Ma'am Juvy assigned me, Chokie and Dimples to make the Legacy story for our Prom. Unfortunately, we haven't started for the Juniors but we managed to finish the Senior's Legacy. Oh dear, she just smiled to us that today's the deadline! Speaking of the devil, up to this point, we haven't still finished the legacy thing. The three of us wanted to read the legacy during the prom night!

---2nd cause:---

A year and a half ago, teenage Globe Users went gaga over their cp's (cellphones) because of the permanent Unlimited SMS Service or commonly known as Unli. Well, me myself got elated and even got addicted to this service especially on the summer of 2006. Yesterday, I received a text message from Globe claiming that the Unlimitxt service got even better, well it goes like this:

"Globe unlmited service got even better! Mas exciting to! Para sa mga heavy texters all throughout the day, just text Unlitxt 20 for 1 day, 40 for 2 days and 80 for 4 days. Para sa mga heavy night-shift texters, just text Unlitxtn 10 for 1 day and 20 for 2 days. Para sa mga daytime texters, text Unlitxtd 15 for 1 day, 30 for 2 days..."

Well, almost or shall we say everybody protested and complained to Globe. Numerous allegations about the anomalies behind this text scam brought up the teens like me into somehow, a rebelous state. I have received a lot of text messages claiming that we should not support the new unlimited service. Yeah, your right, I can't support that, it's way too expensive! One of my friend in the lower years even called the Globe Customer Service! Hahahaha,well we had a point, this is our world, nobody intrudes our life!

---3rd cause:---

Consider this that this is a play: (Carpool thing.. gets?)


*Me - of course!!
*Mrs. Puff - The mean selfish wife of Mr. Krabbs
*Mr. Krabbs - The opposite of Mrs. Puff
*Algaes and Coelentrates- their children

It all started that Mr. Krabbs was assigned to Cotabato to prioritize his 'promising' job. So Mrs. Puff would be the new driver in the carpool service.Well, let me dercibe me, she's fat, she's big and she's mean and selfish. To summarize my points, she's a big fat wheeny! It goes like this:

Because I had to attend such nonstop practices in preparation for the culmination week, I usually went to the service at 6pm. Quite late, but I had no choice. Then, I notice that Mrs. Puff was angry to something or someone. It's quite obvious the way she drives, she drives recklessly. Then I decided to sleep and poof! Mom called me claiming that it's 'nakakahiya' to the carpool service. I was shocked and stunned by that moment and realizing that she was really ANGRY to me! At that moment, I was confused. WE NEVER COMPLAINED when they're going to some places and even to shop! even when they're too busy and had to use the jeep, WE NEVER, NEVER COMPLAINED! Mrs. Puff's so rude and selfish. And plus we paid they're oh-so wonderful service one day before the contract date! Fuck up Mrs. Puff!

Plus, my mom received a text message from Mr.Krabbs claiming that if they waited for us too long, then this would be the last month that they'll fetch us from school tohome and vise versa. Okay fine! What? Are you challenging us?! Heck! We knoe how to rid a jeepney and your nonsense threats would not threat us! You're such a shit Mrs. Puff! Damn you!

This made my mom and dad so angry that they decided to pull us out from the carpool service. And besides, we can save a mere thousand bucks if we commute. Duh!

Buhay talaga, weather weather lang!, as what my father quoted that night.

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
02.02.07 - 05.45pm local time :: +8.00 GMT

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  1. Globe sucks big time now! after learning P80/4days na, na high blood talaga ako.