Saturday, February 17, 2007

Confessions of an asthamatic part 2

It's just stupid and nevertheless it's a whole one week to deal with and it's all over. ALL OVER! . Inasmuch that I'm concern with this trememndous stress, let me tell you a story about me, of course, how I managed this whole new stress and pressured week.

Even though the JS Promenade concluded, the teachers had no mercy on us! Shoot. Definitely, they thought that we are robots. Well, this is all about our Math Teacher, Dooby (not her real name, obviously). On Tuesday, it was yet another fine day, when she made us a living robots. Imagine, she only gave examples on those Calculus concepts without giving any proper lectures. Even her acetates, we cannot fully understand her lesson! The only desperate solution? Self-study about her topic. Fortunately, I had patience and I managed to understand her lesson in just 10 minutes. Thank God!

By the way, on that day, I was attacked by my rhinitis, which gave an excruciating pain on my sinus while I was riding a jeepney to school. So I went to the school clinic immediately after I arrived at school. The nurse gave me a medicine and I slept on the clinic for about an hour.I was quite relieved at that moment.

The next day, she gave another activity which I find ineffective. It's dismissal and I had to finish the activity as soon as possible, so I borrowed Kitin's Activity Sheet , just to copy the QUESTIONS not the ANSWERS. WEll,guess what?! She mistakenly blamed me for CHEATING! Duh, as if I'm that a cheater or what. I think she's dissapointed about what happened. I mean, duh, I was pissed off at that moment. Shoot!

Lately I've realized that it's our Unit Test in Economics by tomorrow.

I arrived at home about 6.30pm and I didn't realized that I was attacked by my rhinitis again, but not in a sudden way.

After dinner, I decided to study math and Economics. Then, the pain's growing until I can't bear it. It's just like your sinus (located from the side of the nose going to the area around your eyebrows) being blown by a heavy object or being hammered heavily. I can't bear the pain and I cried because of the intense pain. Even my mom went on state of pandemonium when I said that it hurt a lot even she massaged it. So, she told my dad to buy some medicines for my rhinitis and after he arrived, I drank one capsuleof sinutab and the pain doesn't went off immediately. Then, I slept.

I didn't went to the class the following day because I needed an ample rest. Little did I know, our math teacher moved the second unit test and she moved it tomorrow!! Oh dear, oh my. Good thing, my good old friend, Kissa texted me on some important things to be done tomorrow.

"Math test tomorrow, and bring art materials, "1/8" illustration,project making on CAT period."

The next day, the math test was simultaneous and worse thing, it was done first thing in the morning. I managedto answer those calculus concepts though. After I took the test, almost everybody cried because it's either, they didn't finish the exam or they can't answer it because it's too hard. Math is our second period, and she gave us another activity which due on this day only. Shit! We made the CL project by afternoon and I took the Economics unit test ALONE inside the faculty room.

Little did I know, the teachers are also pressured because of the deliberation of our 3rd year extra-curricular activities. We didn't have regular class on that day though, yeehee!

The next day, it was the celebration of Chinese New Year and good thing, by afternoon, our math teacher gave a bonus activity in which,it would be added in our unit test scores.

Hay salamat! Only 2 projects to go and it's finally over!

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