Friday, February 16, 2007

The night to be with

The tenth of February of the year 2007 is yet another momentous event that comes in every juniors and seniors in our school.

Duh! Obviously, what I'm referring with is the Juniors-Seniors Promenade 2007. This is a school tradition actually, wherein Seniors would pass on their responsibilities to the Juniors as they'll leave the school right after graduation. Seemingly, I had a chance to bump with this topic as I open my pensieve of this once-in-a-lifetime event. (Heck , I'm not Dumbledore!)

Seriously, I woke up late, as usual, because I'm tired and I'm still sick at that time. Lol. Now I texted my barkada, or reminded them with a friendly manner of course that we should meet at the Mc Donald's by 1-1.30pm. Yes. So, I took a bath by almost eleven, ate my lunch and hailed a taxi together with my mom and my brother. Too bad, my dad can't fetch me since that he had an emergency meeting to his work. An excusable excuse perhaps.
5 minutes before 1, I arrived at the mall and headed Mcdo without further hesistation. Duh, I mean it's like humiliating when you walk inside the mall in a formal dress. Sheesh. I don't mind what do people think as they passed on me. So I went inside Mcdo and ate strawberry float with fries. Good thing, though, I'm not alone. Thank God. I saw somebody, not far from my view who wore also like mine- a longsleeved slacked lad named George. All of the sudden, my schoolmates flocked Mcdo, wherein that's there planned meeting place also. Some of them went to the studio right away.

This kind of situation, it really tested my patience since that my barakada arrived ONE HOUR LATE! Oh dear, I felt relieved when everybody arrived at McDo. We headed the photo studio, wherein it's jampacked with my other schoolmates who were so handsome and beautiful at that time ONLY. Should we arrived earlier, we had took our pictures today. We had to wait since our priority number was 15. Fuck the shit off. Lately I realized that there system was very slow. Ang sistema nila'y bulok. Shoot! We arrived there at 2.15pm and we had our shots by quarter to five. Imagine, we waited there for almost 3 hours and there's no money back system! Shit!

Luckily, we spent our time, actually, criticizing on somebody because of her dress, hairdo and lots more. I mean we were like critics at that time, though, I'm not saying that my attire is the best among the rest, but the point in here is that, if the outfit doesn't fit you, then, don't force yourself if you're uncomfortable with it! Just be with yourself!

It goes like this:

"Oh my God! She looks like a cake!"

"Hahaha, 'la, mo, ang buhok niya, parang walis!"

We all laughed. Lately I realized that my mom and my barkada's moms began criticizing about there dresses and hairstyle which is inappropriate for them. Seemingly, they also criticize the one we criticized a while ago! Weewoot! Shhhh. enough. That's bad.

Unfortunately, we arrived at school LATE. But that's okay, almost everybody in the class arrived late in the school. Some even arrived at 7.00pm, wherein the event started as early as 5.00pm.
So we ate, drank some beverages (no alcoholic drinks please..), and ate again! We danced the waltz which is quite excruciating.

Then, we had this actvity wherin we were given a broken hearts and we will look for our partners. Little did I know, there's only one heart that pairs with each other. It was cool, and this is possible because of my barakada's idea, Therese! Wow, sweet!
The most awaited part of the prom is the last dance. I danced with my friends, well in a friendly manner. Me and Mama Tza even danced the Tango, duh we don't care! Hahahaha.

Seriously, this year's prom was a LOT BETTER than last year's!

Oh yeah, yesterday, I went back to the photo shop and I redeem my pictures! Guess what, it was so cool. There's this shot that I looked like Mikee Lee, and I even looked like an endorser of Swiss Army. Cool!

**One week to go, and it's our finals!**
**I'll post the prom pictures not later than next week.**

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