Friday, February 09, 2007

Pressurized Citizen

It's been a time since my last post. Well, I have a story to tell you on how cramming could affect each and everyone in the society.

Well let's start shall we?

Obviously I'm the main character of the my story. And the others, well probably my peers and classmates are the minor characters in my oh-so wonderful FAIRYTALE!

Once upon a time, in a not-so far away land, there lived a wonderful prince named renz...

Heck?! Isn't that the worst introduction that I've ever typed in my blog? Oh com'on!


Okay, Today's February 5,2007 - MONDAY

It's a brand new day, actually. A brand new week wherein I usually woke up at 5.30am, well, never mind that I have only 5hrs. of sleep. Last night, I've finished filling up my Extra-curricular Activity Sheets , which I admit that it was a tiring job, after all. I must be careful so that erasures would be minimized. Luckily, I was the only one who finished the extra-curricular sheets in which the deadline is on Thursday. Some of my friends and classmates borrowed my extra sheets serving as their guideline. It's ok to me though. First period of the class, and it was solely intended for the JS PROMENADE practice. Luckily, for the first time of the history of prom practice, I talked to my partner. Well, maybe we didn't talk toomuch because she's too shy, or I'm too shy, whatever! After the practice, I was pretty exhausted that early in the morning, I sweat profusely. It was MATH PERIOD and our teacher moved the deadline of the project on Monday, than the original deadline of Friday because on Friday, classes would be suspended due to the celebration of TEACHER's DAY . Well, here's the schedule of the Unit test, which even one subject, I didn't dare to study since then,except Economics.

February 6 - Mathematics
February 7 - CL and Physics
February 8 - Filipino

Well, likewise I'm so cool with it, until Ma'am Juvy pressured us on the legacy, which we haven't started on it, that she needed on it by WEDNESDAY . Oh dear oh my.

That night, I studied for the Math, just a short review on it! Plus, our Math Teacher gave an activity on Calculus! If you can't pass that activity, definitely, you can't take the Unit test tomorrow. Hell, one good example of injustice

February 6 - Tuesday

"I hate this day, oh Tuesday!"

So as the song of Rjay of PDA goes..

Definitely,I really this day. It made me almost cry because of intense pressure given to me by those pesky teachers and even those earthly parasitic scums! Well, it goes like this:

This day, the teachers scheduled three (3) quizzes on Physics, Economics, and English. I almost cried, yes. Plus those parasites took my Math activity sheet because they want to copy without any effort given! Shit! I really hate parasites! Next time, if they ask me once again, definitely I would not give my homework to them. Pesky little scums! Then, Ma'am Juvy, again, threatened us that if we didn't pass the Legacy, she'll deduct our project grade, that is, the Thesis or research paper. Noooooooo! This can't be! Definitely, that's the day that I wouldn't forget or revisit, that is,if I had a time machine! I took the Math UT with much ease but to tell you, we only took the exam for only 45 minutes! Arrgghhh! Good thing I've finishedit but I only reviewed for only 1 minute, just taking a glance. Errgghhh!

February 7, 2007 - Wednesday

Good thing, Chokie had a good idea about the legacy, well it's our secret and I think Dimples knows this too! Hihihihihi! Early in the morning, I had a snut (sipon) and I don't mind about that. But I was a bit surprised though. Then, when I arrived at school, I felt chilly, even though that it's warm and humid that day. Good thing, the Physics Unit test was obviously, a simultaneous exam, to avoid leakages. Hell, our Physics Teacher so witty and she definitely hates CHEATERS! So, by that time, I felt quite feverish but I felt okay. By midmorning to luch, somethings not good within my body system. I felt so chilly even under the intense heat of the sun. So I asked Cocok to bring me a medicine from my cough and fever. Well, sad to say, he brought Alaxan! Obviously I didn't take that medicine because it's inappropriate with my condition. So, by 3.00pm, wherein, I still took the Cl Unit test, despite my condition. Then after I've finished the test, I went to the clinic wherein I was accompanied by Cocok, Krista Chipmunk and Mimi . Ilove you guys!! . Then the nurse took my temperature, and guess what, it my temperature was 37.7 degrees! Then she advised me to eat something hot, like noodles. I took a medicine and after I felt that I'm okay, I went back to the classroom, then there's Ma'am Juvy lecturing some important notes about the research paper and she even asked me, then I said that I went to the clinic. When I went to my armchair, I stumbled in a clumsy manner because of Kissa's humongous bag. Everybody laughedand so do I. My teacher even asked me if I was okay, but then I lied to her and I said that I was okay. We continued in our legacy and I went home very tired and feverish. I decided that I wouldn't go to school because I'm so tired and I needed rest. But I still finished the Calculus Activity and my brother would just give it to my friend tomorrow.

February 8, 2007 - Thursday

It was the pre-celebration of the Techer's Day. I was quite reluctant with my Math activity sheet and to the Filipino Unit Test. Thank God, they texted me that it was an easy test. I was bedridden for about 18 hours, I locked myself in my room, well talking about ermitanyo . I took several medicines and that's the time that I slept for more than 18 hours.

February 9, 2007 - Friday

This is the day when I wrote this entry and I decided to buy a SUN CELLULAR SIM because it answers my basic needs like unlimited call texting, as well as, it's relatively cheaper than Globe. But then, I would use to cellphones because I will not give up my Globe because it has a wonderful and beautiful number combinations.

Wish me luck this Monday, because I'm gonna take the Filipino test!

Renz Marione Bulseco
02.09.07 - Friday - 01.26pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT


  1. sounds GC-ish neh??hehehe..anyway, parehas tau...i also hate cheaters!! pati parasites!! ainaku...dati kasi tinutulungan ko mga classmates ko when it comes to assignments pero sabi nga nung teacher namin dati "don't teach them how to be parasite"..tama naman diba..bsta i hate them.

    kanina nga nung nag-exam kami, biruin mo garapalan ung cheaters sa class, as in nagbibigayan ng kodigs bago magexam..naku...un tuloy ung medtech dun sa katabing office nagpost ng papel na may nakalagay "cheating is a mortal sin"..nakakahiya tuloy..

  2. huwaw!!! renz! ams okei nga to' yup yoh right! mas mallinis ang template..ok na ok!mish you