Sunday, February 25, 2007

College here we come!

I could hardly imagine ourselves after we graduate. Well physical changes would apply though, like men would shave on their beards and moustaches, thus stubble would form. Others will get married as early as 20's or even as late as 40's. (Gosh, that's very late.) Others would have their boyfriends and girlfriends in the college years and others would fight and flirt just for a guy. After that, competition isn't over yet. We can't avoid that though when we have our own jobs or whatsoever. Somehow, others would work in a corporate banks, management, with their formal attires, others would work in the hospital as a nurse or a doctor, others would come back to school to pursue their masteral studies or they'll work as a teacher, literally.

I can't imagine our faces after we graduate. Well, it's hard to move on but we have to leave those nonsense and whimsical things that we are fond to do during our so-called memorable highschool life.

College life is very different from highschool. Here we learn more things than we acquired in our 4 years in highschool. It's the time to get serious within our studies. Luckily, extra-curricular activities is not the basis to graduate as cum-laude, magna or summa cum-laude. (Thank God!), though, we should engage some activities in college though. Too much studying could cause such effects which is harmful or even catastrophic.

If in highschool, teenagers fight and flirt just for LOVE, well, here in College, teens in here fight and flirt even more! Also, I observed that college students, well not all are engaged in sexual activities. Afterwhich, it would another headache, thus the desperate attempt is to abort the baby. Poor baby.

Also, teacher-and-student relationships are very rampant in college years. For me, well almost everybody find this illicit act unethical. Heck! I mean, teachers act as our second parents and yet they had this love interest towards the students. It's very harmful and yucky to think.

Another thing in college is that, Fraternities are also rampant in this stage. Through this, many died because of Hazing, most especially to UP Diliman, UP Baguio and Ateneo de Manila. Personally, I don't want to join such clubs of that, it doesn't do any good but harm to ourselves though. But some fraternities are very beneficial to the student's welfare but definitely, I would not risk my own life to join such clubs related to fraternities.

Basically, I'm quite curious about the life in College. It's the time wherein our future depends on our hardwork, determination and perseverance. The good thing in college is that, I have a freedom to choose my favorite interests, such that it's related in my course, which is Science. May gana na akong mag-aral nito especially when I looked my prospectus in UP. Most of my subjects are science related, like Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Genetics, Calculus, so forth and so on. No more grammar lessons, ayos! Heehee.

This is the time wherein we'll double on our efforts in studying. In highschool, we are trained to be prepared. But in college, we are prepared to be pressured.

It's our time to get serious. Goodluck in our lives SENIORS! Long Live Seniors Batch 2007! This is the batch of intelectuals, cuties, goodlooking dudes and girls and most of all, the batch of the TALENTED teens!

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