Friday, January 23, 2009

Some sort of a break.. NOT

I was quite thwarted when I learned that I have to start from the beginning in Loco Roco, an infamous PSP game. I don’t know. An unknown error occurred. My saved file became corrupted with no valid reasons. And it sucks big time since I have defeated the largest Mujamuja in World 3, I think. Siigh. But yeah, let’s look on to the brighter side; I have discovered some secret rooms in some levels. YEY! Try playing this game it’s so cool and cute.

Oh yeah, there are reasons why I like this day. First, the result of the Zoo 3 exam has been released one hour after the exam. Funny thing was our teacher didn’t post our real names. Instead she posted “our” nicknames according to her perception plus the scores. Loool.

Baby, Smoke, Tagum, Iglesia, Cheerleader, Joker, PCR, Lover Boy/Gahut and The Best Labeler.


Second, I’m going to have the sweetest flee to the east. (Just sing Beyonce’s Irreplacable)…

To the right, to the right, everything I own in my bag to the right, where the sunset is so early and the sunrise is as early as five. Keep talking about the site, could we experiment it sometime? AndBiofresh Oh-seven is our name, so move our bags and she hails our van…

We’ll return home at Sunday evening. Awww. Leaving is going to be the hardest part but despite the short stay, I’m sure that it would be a memorable trip. Weee. I’m pretty excited. I have bought lots of food and of course I shouldn’t forget my meds. Ooops. Sinusitis didn’t visit me today and hopefully he won’t return ‘til the end of time. I really hate it when he pays a visit to my system. I feel like I’m in hell, literally.

Yeah, two things that I should remember when going in an unfamiliar place:

  • a) Don’t drink water if you’re doubtful with the surroundings.
  • b) If a stranger taps you on the shoulder, tap him back. I know it’s an old belief but hey, we don’t know the reality of this enchanted world. T__T

Being a leader in the whole class isn’t that bad at all. You get the chance to be the right hand of the teacher. You get lots of advantages. You see, I used to hate the fact that my professor chose me to be the leader of the class, to handle our upcoming field trip this February 7 and 8 (from another subject). It goes like this:

Last December, all of the ten leaders from ten groups were asked to give a number, any number. Some chose 10, 2, 14 and then I opted for 18. After that, my prof appointed me to be the leader of the class. The reason: Eighteen is close to 19, which is my prof’s wedding anniversary. WTH. Okay I’m glad that we have finally conducted the much-awaited meeting. HAHAHA. Even though we didn’t meet the other leaders of the group because we are from different courses and thus different vacant periods, I still managed to talk with our teacher together with the “pseudoleaders” Anj and Ralph. Yeah, I only have to prioritize the evening event. So we’re planning to have some parlor games and the main game. What’s more exciting is this: Some of the faculty members of the Department of Food Science and Chemistry will join us. HAHAHAHA. This would be rather a great chance to have the students and teachers intermingle in a fun way. Hahaha. I do hope things will be on a smooth lick. :)

So I have to wake up at around 4.30 am. I should be ready by now. I should prepare for my things tonight. Departure time is around 5 in the morning. And yeah, it would be rather a long trip – at least four hours from Davao City.

I should have ended this entry when a commercial of Mar Roxas caught my attention. Accck. Those 2010 “presidentiables” are invading the mainstream already! Legarda, Roxas, Villar.. ack. It irks me so much when they presented their plans for the next decade. WTH. I don’t see anything bad about it but the thing is this: promises are meant to be broken. Promises are not promises at all! Whatever. It irks me so much.

Oh yeah, I really really REALLY REALLY want to watch FRINGE.


Ciao. I need to sleep early today. I won’t be posting anything in the cyberspace ‘til Sunday evening. Hahahaha :)

Y'all have a safe weekend!

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