Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Killers: Day & Age (an Album Review)

Apparently, if I didn't update myself with the latest songs of The Killers, I wouldn't have listened and downloaded their latest album, Day & Age.

Basically Day & Age is The Killers' best album so far, next to Hot Fuss, their debut album. Produced by dance maven Stuart Price, Day & Age broadens the Killers' sound with dub-inflected grooves ("Joyride"), Caribbean-style steel drums ("I Can't Stay") and a chanted intro that recalls South Africa's Lady­smith Black Mambazo ("This Is Your Life") — though it's performed by the band itself.

The album likewise shows the versatility of this infamous music group. Day & Age expands the group's talent by broadening the styles they have incorporated in their songs. Likewise, they have added numerous juicy and delicious twists in their New Wave anthem.

Of all the ten songs in the album, these are my favorites:

Track 2: Human - It makes you think you're living in the 80's. Brandon Flowers' voice is still perfect and the style of this song is not that noisy and the ambiance is surreal. Some sort of a revolutionary song for all human beings! :)

Track 3: Spaceman - It sounded like Metro Station's Shake It. I think the chord progression is 60% the same. But heck, plagiarism isn't the drama for this song, actually.

Track 5: Dustland Fairytale - Some sort of an epic story of a certain character who had a tragic ending. It starts with just one instrument, which is the piano and it progresses with other instruments in the later part. We can already surmise the introduction, plot, climax and the resolution of the story. But overall, the mood of this song is intense.

Above all, The Killers didn't fail to amuse me. I really love The Killers.

Talented. Genius. Wicked. Perfect.

The three albums (Hot Fuss, Sam's Town and Day & Age) have different stories to tell. From Mr. Brightside's loneliness, we ventured to the love of the young girl in Sam's Town. It leads us to question human's ingenuity. Our ingenuity. :)

Five Stars for Day and Age :))

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