Wednesday, January 07, 2009

This is Priceless

I think Oprah Winfrey's infamous WOW expression was really funny (take note of the emphasis).

Another thing:

Oprah is fond of helping people during the time of natural disasters, crisis, you name it. But she doesn’t help every people. She’s not Mother Teresa, she’s only Mother Oprah. LOOOL! It goes something like this:

Woman: You know what, I'm really sad with my family. I don’t what to do Oprah (crying, sniff..sniff). You see? My house was destroyed by Katrina. I need a new architect, some cash to start all over again, I can’t take this anymore. Huhuhuhu.

Oprah’s simple reply: Well… Good luck with that (pat on the back).

I haven’t watched even a single MadTv parody of Oprah. I’ll try to watch it over the weekend. HAHAHHAHAHA.

HAHAHAHA. (Eck, redundant).

One word: Wuuhh-OW (exaggerated form of WOW :P).

Disclaimer: I do not intend/wish/mean to inflict unimaginable havoc to die hard fans of Oprah (including my cousin). Lool. :)))

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