Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snapshot. Hotshot. Headshot.

Dites cela vous amour je pour toujours
jamais arrêt pas pour quoi que


Not now. I am in a pseudo solitary confinement. I opted to be alone right now.

And right now (and I've been using the "now" word three times already), I feel sick. Despite having two exams for this day (which is completely normal...sad to say...), and suffering from sleep deprivation (also a normal thing for us), the weather is actually the culprit for the day. I don't know. I feel that my asthma's starting to develop, thanks Mother Nature, really. (-___-)

I really thought this is going to be the last day of exam for this month of January. I was wrong. We still have an exam next week. Crap. I thought I'm just going to be a lazy butthead after this day, well wait, forget about the lazy butthead thing, I still have to study for the almighty Biochem. Oh yes. I can't afford to cram for the second long since it requires extensive memorization and analysis, which I think the exam is already imminent.

I need to rest really. Sometimes, it's hard to choose between acads and health. Ack. :(

Yeah, so what if I'm the cream of the crop if my health is in "singko" condition? That's bullcrap, right?

Proper time management is the solution to this predicament.

But then again, it's in our human nature; we choose to party all night long and forget those responsibilities to oblivion.

It's still our fault. We don't have the right to blame earth's rotation. We don't have to rant on how time flies so fast.

BUT THEN AGAIN, I just ranted and wished that the earth's rotation is 72 hours instead of 24 hours moments ago. We don't have the right to blame others.


See? I'm just ranting about nonsense things. Really.


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