Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Roguish CHED

On CHED’s plan of extending college courses to five years, I just only need four words and one comma and one period:

Fuck off, and die.

I was appalled by it when I heard this crap on the news. Take note, the first and second year students will only have to take minor subjects effective in the next two years.

Firstly, is this plan an effective one? Okay, so let’s take this point: What’s the use of my course name, say BS Biology if I only have to take minor or GE subjects for two years? What the hell.

Secondly, four years is already enough (five years for some courses like Engineering, Food Tech). We only need to maximize the use of our resources. I think the government officials knew this thing in Economics. And yeah, CHED should prioritize the QUALITY of the education and not the DURATION of it.

Thirdly, they should employ competent faculty members, one who is proficient on the field of his expertise. The quality of education here in our country is already dwindling in an upsetting rate. We can’t surmise whether children would still have this quaint interest in education, despite the fact that this time education is turning to a business. We have to exercise our right in education, and extending the duration of it wouldn’t alleviate the quality of it in our country.


BTW, to all UP Students out there, please vote YES for this week’s referendum.
We still have the right in the university, even if we’re still students, RIGHT?

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