Monday, January 26, 2009

'coz you had a bad day

It’s quite grating when you want to do something important like studying in advance for the super long exams next week and yet those nonsense paper works come to invade your schedule. Pffft.

I really have a bad feeling for next week: exhausting and dreadful.

Maybe I should follow Professor Obsioma’s advice: write the three processes of Cellular Respiration and post it everywhere inside the house. Hmm. Biochemistry is really challenging, as well as Genetics. It would be a disaster if these two subjects will have the same date for the second long exam. YIKES!!!

Okay, so I’m still practically worn-out from the trip and my throat starts to hurt. It’s a bad sign, actually. I abhor when history literally repeats itself. You don’t need to come back and haunt me, Mr. Sinusitis. You and Mr. Boredom should go to hell right now.


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