Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Low IQ News

I’m so pissed right now with the news lately. The reason why I follow the local media’s social networking sites is mainly to get some updates about my country and even abroad because hello, we don’t have TV here (in this day and age, laptop with a decent internet connection = 1, TV = always 0). Lately, I’ve been reading updates about Vhong’s issue. The plot thickens, yeah, and the hell I care about it. Yeah, it’s a social issue blahblahyakitiyak that needs to be answered right away. Rape is rape (if IT’S REALLY TRUE, that is) and no one’s excused from it, whether if the girl’s flirting or yakitiyak. It’s been like 2 or 3 days straight I think? And I still keep on reading updates about it. C’mon local media. You can do better than that!

Currently doing some unfriending/unfollowing spree to those retards who KEEP on posting updates about the misadventures of Vhong’s cock, Deniece’s (what a fugly spelling) stoic personality, and Cedric’s bad acting.


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