Saturday, July 05, 2008

Speak UP

The splendor of a certain country isn’t always based on to the magnificent picturesque of white sand beaches or notable landmarks. It lies on to the beauty of FREEDOM. Likewise, Philippines is a very beautiful country REGARDLESS of different accusations of different sectors in our country – name it, from the national government, the economy and more. Juan knew that in the first place.

People have this problem when it freedom. They tend to abuse it. It’s human nature, I guess. It’s not a big deal, ACTUALLY to speak on what’s on your mind. But I don’t think generalizing statements is a good thing. I mean, when somebody generalizes something, he must be certain about the ACTUAL events that occurred in the past. He MUST be sure about it otherwise it’s better to zip his pie hole rather than to create another unimaginable mayhem.

The world is such an inevitable place to live in. Let’s face it. Life is unfair sometimes. Let’s think of it this way. These predicaments of life are only challenges of life. It serves as an “exam” of our life. Most of us knew the solution of it and overtime, we can surpass these trials in life. For the past few weeks, people nowadays are driving me crazy, both figuratively and literally. Somehow, they don’t know how to discern the differences between constructive criticisms and shitty criticisms. I know men tend to be mean but don’t you think it’s for the betterment of others (that is if they have enough bases on it)?

One thing for sure, problems will never be solved unless men start to help each one another. Little by little, problems will be solved in no time. And oh, this is just a simple an unbiased insight from last week’s horrid event. Siiiiigh..

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  1. renz..mana diay ang speak up? hmp!

    enewei, wen ang biogenesis?