Monday, July 21, 2008

The Second Round

When a strong typhoon strikes, it would unleash tremendous amount of force, more powerful than Little Boy. Enola Gay is but a carrier of the cataclysmic event. Whatever! So here I am again, instead of facing those boring equations of classical Physics, I'm blogging about everything that my mind can perceive, otherwise just to relieve myself from accumulated stress.

So, who invented moving exams by the way? I mean, I have to admit that I really hate moving exams. It’s just I don’t want to experience intense pressure, the same feeling when a beef is subjected to heat inside the pressure cooker. Apparently, 5 minutes per station is sufficient (though that’s very long), most teachers prefer two and a half minutes per station. What I really hate is this: Identifying those indiscernible parts of cells, bacteria and others. Okaaaay, so it’s not obvious that I’m nervous about the moving exam in Botany and Microbiology. But no, sometimes, moving exams are exciting, most especially if teachers will put some “twists” in the exam, like dance like a rooster, or sing any songs of Aegis (eww) and if you’re successful, then you’ll get a perfect score on that item. Awwww.

Anyhow, I’m very happy that my aunt (who works as an entrepreneur in Indonesia) brought some Indocafe Cappucino. Coffee in Indonesia is delicious. Kung icocompare mo dito, isang sachet ng Nescafe, 14.0 grams lang, samantala sa Indonesia, 25.0 grams. Awwwww. Aabutin ako nito ng madaling araw. Okay lang. Nocturnal naman ako eh!

So okay, exam will be this morning, 7.00 am. HAHAHA. Okay, 11 more hours ‘til doomsday. Back to reality. I’m tired. This is the second phase. Weekends are similar to an eye of a storm. Calmness, serenity – 13 hours of sleep. But no, the second part would be more disastrous than the former part. Be prepared. Be scared. But I’m not scared, ‘coz I’m scaring myself, which is quite ineffective. TANGENA, sabaw!

One last thing, ampanget na ng Imeem player! GRRRRR. Di na siya cute. Tae! Sarah Brightman paid a visit on to my feeble brain and once again, inatake nanaman ako ng LSS. Poooooooooooootek! (Salamat sa commercial ng Tide). LOL =)))))

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