Friday, July 25, 2008

Biyernes Santo

Two weeks ago, I started to hate Fridays since the first exam of the semester. It was scheduled in an early Saturday morning, got an hour and 10 minutes late, only have 35 minutes to answer the exam, but managed to finish the exam and up to now, the results were not yet displayed outside her office. HAHAHA :))

But today, I really really REALLY LOVE THIS DAY. It's just like I've accidentally kissed Lindsay Lohan in Central Park and all of her luck were passed on to me. HAHAHA. Yeah right. Yes, the group reporting in Nat Sci 2 was somehow successful, the Chem 31 First long exam was rescheduled (YEEEEESS), Organic Chem Lab's first exam will be this Monday.It'll just cover three chapters. OH YEAH. I love it. And yeah, after one month, nakabalik na rin ako sa SM. HAHAHA. Well, I just went to SM alone, shopped and window shopped (though, windowshopping is not my thing) in some boutiques, stores and ate PIZZA. YEAAA. These are just ways to relieve myself from stress, though brisk walking in the mall is quite tiring. Hahaha. :))

One more thing, Nat Sci 2 is very similar and have the same lesson (and admitedly same teacher) with my major subject (Bio 70 - Earth Science and Life's Processes). Since magrereport kami sa Bio 70 (and katatapos ko lang mag report sa Nat Sci 2), nag bunutan kami kanina for the topics, and luckily, nakuha ko ang Earthquake. Funny thing was, yan ang topic ng Nat Sci 2 report namin. HAHAHAHA. Same topic, same groupmates, and same teacher. Yeabah!

There are simple things that I've learned on this wonderful day:

* Number 1. Don't say the Fuck word when the mic's on, most especially if you're a reporter. HAHAHAHAHA. Diba M_____. Ooops. Toot.

* Number 2. Eating during class hours is highly prohibited, unless you want everyone to hear your burp, and prove na mas maganda pa boses mo kesa kay Pavarotti.

* Number 3. Hindi talaga kayang i-cram ang Microbiology. :)

* Number 4. Laarni's CRAZY. HAHAHAHAA :))))))

* Number 5. Kapag nahulog ang mini-globe ng teacher, baliktarin ang model ng Earth. Amazing kasi kung inverted ang land masses natin, wherein Asia, North America, Europe and the Arctic Ocean is located in the Southern Hemisphere and the faces of the continents are very funny!

* Number 6. Masaya kapag nakaupo ka malapit sa projector. Free Pseudosauna bath.

* Number 7. Two months nalang and sembreak na!

HAHAHAHA. It's really nice to read back issues of Kule :) Hahahaha.
Diba?! Agree?!

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