Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Weird Dork

I'm all alone in the house. YESYES. Hahaha.

Well, coffee's starting to be ineffective and the effects are somehow reversed. I don't know. All I know is this: I'm addicted with Caffeine. I prioritize coffee over water. NOOOOO!

Zooot. Wala lang. I just remembered these thoughts. I just want to share my "topak" side, but no, I'm always crazy, weird, freak, well, you name it. Okay, here goes nothing.

Number 10. I just can’t remember why my closest friends in high school call me TAE (Shit). I don’t know. But the funny thing was, I didn’t feel any harassment or verbal abuse. I just enjoyed it! HAHAHA. I’m not an emotional masochist, but it’s just, I love it. I sometimes received SMS messages from my friends in high school and it goes like this: TAE, I MISS YOU NA! SM TAYO! Hahaha. Awww. This Friday, I have to meet these chums of mine.

Number 9. I first rode an airplane when I was two years old. The hell you care about it. But FYI, I almost went on to the detestable Kingdom of the airport’s Xray Machine. HAHAHA. It think it was at the Old Davao Int’l Airport. Lol.

Number 8. Back in preschool, I am consistent when it comes to the prestigious list. It’s not the infamous Dean’s or Chancellor’s List, it’s the list of the noisiest and the most talkative persons in the classroom. HAHAHA.

Number 7. In Nursery, I dived in the preschool hallway. Oops, I forgot, there’s not water. So yeah, my lips were battered with gruesome wounds, as if they underwent initiation to an infamous frat. HAHAHA!

Number 6. In the kitchen, I am always amazed with the dual sponge, you know, the thingamajig used in washing plates. It’s dual since the yellow part is soft and the green part is rough. Due to intense boredom and since I want to experiment on to it, I rubbed the green part on to my left cheek vigorously. I felt no pain, honestly, until my mom saw me and she panicked for the reason that my left cheek was bleeding profusely. HAHAHAHA. And the result? I looked like Dr. Blake (Male Version) of the environmental cartoon show, Captain Planet!

Number 5. ‘Til know, I always play with my toy airplane. PERIOD. Boeing 747-400 is nice. HAHAHA.

Number 4. I get sick when my dad’s not around or I didn’t see him for at least two weeks. Back in 1999, my dad worked on to training in Manila and on his arrival date, I was so impatient that I rubbed my forehead in the rubber mat. Yes, we all know the beauty of friction, it caused a circular wound on to my forehead and as if it was my third eye. HAHAHA. Tae.

Number 3. I accidentally sneaked on to my old and grumpy Chinese Teacher’s undie! HAHAHA. No, I didn’t mean it, seriously. It’s just, I was staring at the ceiling and the classroom’s very hot at that time. Then suddenly, she walked right on to my view and I thought I was in Heaven, I only waited for light, but there was no light. HAHAHAHA. I just saw lots and lots of cloud-like laces. HAHAHA. Tae.

Number 2. When I was three, my mom introduced me to animals, to see if her cute son is fond of animals. Yes, I’m fond of animals in a way I looove to see them suffer right in my own eyes! I want to feel them that I’m powerful than them. BWAHAHAHA. So, I killed three Goldfish. Poor thing! What I did was this: I just poured a few fish flakes into the bowl until I accidentally pour the WHOLE CONTENT of the fish food. Ooops. I’m not a murderer. It was an accident. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. Please please please, have mercy on me jury! HAHAHA ;))))

Number 1. The Ultimate One. When I was four years old, I used to experiment different kind of things, like the appliances in the house, electric sockets and more. The electric socket was my subject for my experiment. Hahaha. So, I grabbed lots and lots of staple wire, put it right directly on the electrical socket and POOOOF! It became Koko Krunch! Kidddiing! Hahaha. No seriously, I danced Tinikling at that time since I was dodging on to the flying electric sparks and current. I hid under the table for thirty minutes until my mom went out on to her room and smelled something fishy.

HAHAHA. I should be studying Organic Chem, but I can’t concentrate since the rain’s battering the roofs of the houses and it creates an irksome noise. Uggh.

So yeah, let’s sing with my playlist. HAHAHA :))) Hope you like my songs, though most them are not that famous. Hahaha. I have a weird taste in music eh.

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