Monday, July 21, 2008

Drooling and Googling

Yes, I'm a bummer.

Try this and be amazed by the power of search engines. I tried on googling my name and I was a bit surprised on some anonymous comments coming from other sites. Hahaha. I was glued in my monitor for a moment (while answering Mon's query about Unit Vectors & Addition) and I was very mesmerized by those comments given by people that I didn't know personally. Lol. A smile lingers on to my quaint face whenever I read those comments (can be in a form of compliment or constructive criticisms).

So if you want to know if someone's talking on to you in a cyber manner (and if you're lucky that the content is for everyone), just type your name on the google search engine (it also works on other search engines like yahoo or msn). Who knows, maybe you're the latest talk of the town. Daig niyo pa ang mga artista na sangkot sa intriga. Lol.

And I'm glued with this song: Dust in the Wind. I've tried playing this on piano and I have to admit that it's quite tricky. It took me thirty minutes before I finally figured the pattern. Siiiigh. Wish ko sana, sembreak na ngayon. I missed my former "bummer-yet-productive" lifestyle. HAHAHA.

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