Monday, July 14, 2008


Congratulations to Dayana Mendoza (Miss Venezuela), the new Miss Universe 2008.

Venezuela has always been present in the Top Ten or better yet, in the Top Five of the most hyped beauty pageant of the universe. But Venezuela didn't bag the Miss Universe Crown for almost twelve years. At long last, nakuha niyo na ang korona.

Kudos Dayana!

There are things that made me happy as well as disappointed on today's pageant.

  • Type ng judges ngayon ang mga Latina. Pansin niyo? Hahaha. Four out of Five delegates were delegates from Central America. Epal lang si Miss Russia.
  • ARRRRRGGGGHHHH. Miss Korea and Miss Philippines didn't make it to the Final 15. Awww. Sayang. :(( Anyways, the host city for the Miss Universe 2009 would be on Puerto Rico.
  • Ohws? Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Brazil also didn't make it to the Final 15. Okay lang.. suki naman kayo sa Top 15, 10 and Final Five eh. :))
  • Black American ang delegate ng USA. This only means one thing: Mananalo si Obama. Connection pleease??
  • OH YEAAAAAAHHHH. History really repeats itself. Miss USA's (Crystle Stewart) bittersweet butt-demise was witnessed by billions of people watching the said event. Ouch. Awwww. I miss Rachel Smith. Sayang walang nag booooooooooo. Naaaah. Vietnamese show proper de quorum behavior, at least. After Stewart fell, she encouraged the audience to applaud by clapping her hands. She was eliminated after Evening Gown, finishing eighth place.
  • BAKIT WALANG MISS PHOTOGENIC AWARD? Tae. Consuelo na dapat yan para sa mga Pinoy. HAHAHAHA. Tae.
  • Miss Thailand's national costume was really astounding. Bow.
  • Miss El Salvador is the puniest yet the bubbliest of all. Hahaha. She stands only 5'3 but she bagged the Miss Congeniality award.
  • Rumors said that Miss Egypt slapped the former Miss Universe title holder, Riyo Mori when Riyo accidentaly stepped on Miss Egypt's gown. HAHAHAHA. Scandal beybe!
  • As usual, kamukha ni Sandara Park si Miss China.
  • Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico did have a Spanish interpreter but they managed to answer in English language. Great.

Whatever. I do hope Philippines will win the Miss Universe 2009. HAHAHAHA. Dream on! But hey! Malay natin diba?

Malay ko, malay natin lahat.. MALAYSIA!
Kaboom kabam Kabaaaang.. AFGHANISTAN!
Hindi sa kanya at hindi rin sa akin. Eh di kanino? KENYA!

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