Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Arrays and Streams of Cynicism

I ain’t Superman or Ironman. I can’t tolerate such inexplicable behavior which may lead to numbness, dumbness and disillusionment. You don’t need to repeat such instant messages over and over again. I have two eyes, a perfect set of natural optic doohickeys in my body. It seems that you can’t comprehend with the term 20-20 vision? How ironic and pathetic. You don’t need to ask too much information about me and my chums. You are sometimes crossing our barrier. It’s similar when you want to cross the borders of States in an illegal manner. One should mind their own business, and besides, we haven’t met you personally. I’m on the brink of losing my sanity. You have SUCCESSFULLY reached the threshold of my patience. Don’t try it, dude. I know you want to live longer than Dolphy and I know you don’t want your body to be as thin as a lone toothpick.

And here comes your f*ckin’ alter ego. We don’t care about your life because in the first place we didn’t ask about it. We’ve listened (and endured) all of your dramatic stories but it turns out that if it’s our turn to “show and tell”, you are not a good listener. Life is really unfair, and we already knew that. Such a showoff brat! Bratinello, uggh.

I am quite disappointed with The Killer’s Third Album (or I didn’t download the correct torrent file), Sawdust. Sam’s Town is the BEST album, and Hot Fuss is better than Sawdust, in my own opinion. Just wait. I only have the chance to sneak every song in the album. I haven’t heard the entire album. 80 minutes is enough for an LSS to attack you. If you’re gifted, then you can memorize the lyrics of the album. Come and join THE SINGING BEE. And the third paragraph is NOT related with the first and second paragraph.

And it would be nice if they can comprehend this entry.

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