Monday, July 14, 2008

And she's a Pol Sci Major in Diliman. WTF.

I just read the latest blog post on UP's multiply account and it's quite disturbing. It’s an entry written by a PolSci freshie and she has mustered enough courage to speak on how her mind inculcated different perspectives and POVs during one of the rallies in Diliman (I think this was done last week due to the exorbitant prices on goods, fuel and other necessities). So yeah, I'm just taking this one-of-a-kind privilege of living in a democratic country.

So here goes nothing.

lol. kua joaquin told me to know how to defend my, i'll start here...

(FYI for those who don't know: kanina me mga estudyante nag-walk out to call for the resignation of our president due to a lot of things)

1. the most important question of all...if PGMA resigns, who will replace her?? VP De Castro?? come on! i know YOU are smarter than that. VP De Castro is a good vice president but i don't think he will be a good president, and i think he knows that too. (good man, that guy)

2. you're whimpring like a battered dog about oil price hike. it's a GLOBAL thing. Oil price hike is not an isolated case in the Philippines. it's happening EVERYWHERE. I know the times is hard but, be UNSELFISH sometimes. I know that everyone is selfish and only thinks of theirselves and their families and loved ones but we should realize that the whole world doesn't revolve around us. It's not the government's fault if the oil price increases. It's happening everywhere you look and if you wanna get to the root of the problem, here it is:
  • a. resources: we all know that oil is a limited resource and that we are slowly exhausting this valuable resource, i know you were all brilliant high school students and that you were taught basic economics, but if you forgot, let a freshie refresh you: the higher the demand, the lesser the supply, the higher the price. basic. i don't need to elaborate, right??
  • b. war. let's face it, (no offense meant but) it's all USA's fault. This war that they got themselves into is killing a lot of people and when there's chaos and war, it will be harder to get the oil. (i don't need to explain right? i'm sure you understand why...if not, here's a clue: COMMON SENSE; but they do say common sense is not so common nowadays)
    there, now yo know why the oil is that expensive.'re telling the government to cut down tax. OMG. it's as if you're asking your mom to donate ALL her blood to you just for you to live. I assume that you know what taxes are for...but then, if you do, you wouldn't rally right?? let me refresh you again. tax is the bloodstream of the government, take it away, the government will crumble down faster than a badly-baked caked. so, will you let your mom sacrifice her blood for you?? OMG. what a horrible person you are. you're asking your mom to abandon her other millions of children for you. very SELFISH, but, a TYPICAL human being.

4.Tuition fee increase. alright. let me tell you this. kaming mga freshie lang ang may karapatang magreklamo tungkol sa tuition fee increase. bakit, kayo ba ang naapektohan d naman db?? tnx for the care but i think i understand the government why. quality comes with price. come on, we're the best university in town (heck, in the country) and our tuition fee is way low. d b keo nakokonxenxa sa mga prof nating mga doctors and masters?? ang gagalin nila pero ang baba ng sweldo nila...buti nga ln, nagtu2ro p rin cla d2 ee...d sa mga private schools who could definitely pay them better.

5. oh yeah, before i forgot, don't you know that civil unrest (that is, the rallies, the protests, the war inside the country) is affecting the economy? more chaos=less investors, less investors=less work, less work=no money, no money=no food. MORE CHAOS=NO FOOD. is this your goal?? coz, ur not helping our country prosper, you're just us helping dig our own grave.

time to be a Filipino.

ayan. may stand na ako. grabe, ganito pla eung epekto ng sakit ng ulo + ulan + matagal na paghihintay sa greenwich + ice cream >_<

for comments, just place them here. and i'll reply asap ^_^

*sigh* sorry late eung post...unstable xe eung internet connection eee....kea d aq makapag-post on time >_<

but i think it would be unfair for me to just say stuff and not give a solution...
i think that the only way for our government to be stable and everything to be alright is through a civil war. it's harsh but it's reality. without a civil war, there will be no nationalism. I mean, if there was a war, people will offer their lives for the country and we'll all remember what the past heroes did and we would honor our country, just like what happened in other countries, after their civil war, they become united.

that is not the best solution but well, it is the only thing i could think of at the moment...don't worry, as we course throught different philosophers in soc sci 2, i'll offer more insights. right now, we're still in plato and what he's saying is too futuristic and there would be a revolution if we do that "abolishing of family" thingy.

p.s: for those who don't know, i'm a pol sci major, and a freshie ^_^

Now, it's my turn. ZOOOOOOOOOT.

Number 1.
Yes, that’s the trend on Philippine politics. But wouldn’t it be nice if we start the change within ourselves? I mean, a drastic change in a country would be difficult and citizens may have the tendency to experience obscurities in life. Change starts within our own selves. Our president is NOT a robot. I’m not defending the president but we should be sensitive enough, right?

Number two.
Themselves po, not theirselves. Yes, it’s a global thing, but don’t you think being selfish is NOT the BEST SOLUTION? I mean the world is an unfair place to live in but there’s still ways to battle these predicaments. On the oil thing, you don’t need to elaborate that thing on to us girl. WE ALREADY KNEW THAT! Shoot. What we’re trying to point us is the EVAT thing. Uggh. I’m tired of explaining these things, for crying out loud. Now, let’s proceed with the war. Crap. You’re blaming USA. We all know that the US is one of the most powerful countries in the world, but don’t you think all of us are capable of doing this malevolent act? I really hate people when they generalize ideas. Uggh. Hindi por quet kung Amerikano ka na, laging gera ang nasa isip mo.

Number three.
Now you’re getting harsh on to your words and as if you know the real meaning of life. Shit. AGAIN, YOU DON’T NEED TO CONDUCT A ONE MINUTE LECTURE ABOUT ECONOMICS. We all know that Juan must pay right taxes on to his motherland. WE ARE TRYING TO POINT OUT where do our taxes go? I mean, I know you have heard those anomalies about those money scams into our government, the white elephants and more. Corruption is what we are trying to point out. We are not against on paying our taxes, but we are after on to the proper financial subsidies on to our country. Get it?!

Number four.
I can’t help it. ANG YABANG MO. Por que nakkapagaral ka na sa UP ganoon na ang way of thinking mo??! FYI. WALA SIGURONG TV SA BAHAY NIYO KAYA DI MO ALAM. Nagsimula po ang TOFI last year, hindi ngayon year lang. PASALAMAT KA NGA eh yung mga upperclassmen natin, nagbibigay ng supporta sa problema natin. Ayaw mo pa niyon??! Sabagay, you’re acting selfish naman eh, right? Diba sabi mo “be UNSELFISH sometimes”?! At may theirselves ka pang nalalaman. Tae. Yes. We are against with the tuition fee increase. UP is NOT A PRIVATE INSTITUTION, it’s a STATE UNIVERSITY. Last May (correct me if I’m wrong), UP was proclaimed as the NATIONAL UNIVERSITY of the country. UP is subsidized by the government. I DON’T THINK na kulang ang pera n gating bayan, I think the problem lies between the proper budget allocation in the education sector.

UGGGGHH. Now you’re driving me crazy. We have gained sovereignty since 1898. That’s the beauty of freedom. Each and every one of us has its own right to express their own opinion, just like what you did today (and me too)! But no, if there were no rallies, don’t you think that the investors will still invest on our country? I don’t think they’ll know each and every bit of events that are happening simultaneously in our country. Take this for example. Kung si Maria, inaaway niya ang kapatid niya, tapos walang nagsasabi sa kanilang nanay’t tatay. Diba parang nagmumukhang mangmang ang mga magulang nila? Each and every one of us has the right to know what’s happening on to our country.

And oh! I don’t think you don’t possess the true values that a true Filipino possesses.

We don’t care if your head aches like shit, or if matagal kang pumila at naghintay ng order mong overload sa Greenwhich.

One more thing. I AM REALLY DISTURBED WITH YOUR SOLUTION. Is that the best thing that you can think? Civil war does no good nor benefits one country. Actually, it’s the worst form of war in the world. Imbes na magtutulungan tayo, nagkaroroon pa tayo ng hidwaan sa kapwa nating Pilipino! Earth to this alien! Nationalism can be attained WITHOUT THE HELP OF CIVIL WAR.

You’re getting too technical. I think you don’t actually understand your lessons in Soc Sci 2 base on to your shallow opinions. Review your notes again dear, that is, if you don’t want to receive harsh comments. Actually, kaya nga 95% ng mga comments ng entry mo harsh kasi nga, super callous ang mga opinions mo.

Broaden your mind dear. Your way of thinking is getting narrower and narrower and narrower. Freshie ka pa. So what if you’re a Pol Sci Major. Duh.


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    i agree (with you)

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    taeng polsci major talaga yan.. balita ko lilipat daw xa ng skul ah?