Tuesday, August 05, 2008

UP Students: Fake Scholars

I happened to hop and strut on to this blog site: (http://ramblingsofdennis.wordpress.com/2008/08/04/up-students-fake-scholars/) and it's quite a gauche.

UP students are not supposed to be called “Iskolar ng Bayan” (Scholar of the Nation). They are “paying scholars”. If you are paying more or less PHP 21, 000, would you really feel that you are indeed a “Iskolar ng Bayan”? Upon enrollment, UP students get in line to pay for their tuition holding wads of cash roughly four times thicker than those from New Era University would pay for. I am sure that we don’t need figures, charts, and statistics to prove the veracity of my claim.

Had it been somebody from PUP, PLM, PNU, TUP, or any state university/college who boasted himself as “Iskolar ng Bayan”, I am inclined to agree. Otherwise, if it’s from UP who claims such, I will maintain the same incredulous revulsion.

Braggart, think twice! Admit it or not, you don’t deserve to be called “Iskolar ng Bayan”… in the true sense of the word.

Dude, we, the ISKOLAR NG BAYAN would like to thank your shallow concern about the vagueness of the infamous term. Inasmuch as the scholars of the nation are concerned, we had tried to fight on to the impending tuition fee increase for the last two years but the officials didn’t heed our entreaty. But we are not giving up on to this issue. However, the way you write your blog makes it quite appalling. I mean, the sudden increase of our tuition fee is not an enough basis of calling us as fake scholars!

Iskolar ng Bayan is a label accorded to us because the taxpayers subsidize our education by form of government appropriation to the University, not on the basis of the tuition paid. We may accept any forms of denigrations, but I think your entry is so egotistical to inform us that we don’t merit the name. The true sense of “Iskolar ng Bayan” is beyond tuition or any other fees. I can’t see anything wrong that connects to the connotation of UP students as the Iskolar ng Bayan. You don’t have enough bases to nullify our label.

The term Iskolar ng Bayan is not limited to UP students after all, since State Universities in the country are also subsidized by the national government. But we are here to represent all State U’s. Take note that UP was proclaimed by the president as the NATIONAL UNIVERSITY of the country. This is just an opinion expressed by a concerned student of the country. I do not wish to create unimaginable cyber-mayhem into your site (as well as mine), but please, think twice before you write.

I really hate it when one generalizes all of his thoughts and ideas in his own piece and when the entry itself lacks evidences.

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  1. it is no different from criticizing the government.

    the government's sovereignty emanates from the people, ergo, the people's words must be listened to.

    UP is funded by the people; ergo, we must likewise listen to those who have something to say about us who are spending the people's money.

    that fellow may not be from UP, but he is a taxpayer and a citizen of this country.

    if you think that he is has no standing to criticize our school -- as you call it, the national university (ergo, the university OF the nation) -- you are sorely mistaken.