Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Final Loom

An impending curse is on its way to kill us. Just wait for it, WAIT FOR IT. Smile ‘til your heart splinters into smaller pieces. Laugh until your facial muscles can’t endure the searing pain of sadness and despair. Jump until the tremendous force of gravity will take over our world. Let’s get ready and greet the month of September with a BIG BANGGGGGGG.

September 1 – Botany 3 Second Field Trip – Eden Nature Park (We have to see the different kinds of Conifers).

September 2 or 4 or second week of Sept. – Microbiology Second Long Exam (Come HOLY SPIRIT I NEEEEED YOOOOOUUUU). Hahahaha :))

September 3 – Organic Chemistry Lecture and Biology 70 (Earth Science and Geology) Second Long Exam.

September 5 – Microbiology Theatrical Presentation.

September 6 – Bio 70 / Nat Sci 2 Field Trip – Nabunturan, Compostela Valley Province.

Second/Third Week of Sept. – Botany 3 third field trip – Bonsai Forest, Davao Oriental.

September 8 – The ultimate Bio 70 make up class. Mama Mary's birthday bash. Whatever :))

I still worry about our Physics 3 Lecture Class. Next week, we can’t meet since it is a holiday. On the first day of September, it would be our Field Trip in Botany. I wish she will be present in our make up classes on the following weeks. It would be rather disappointing if she will give an exam without giving proper lectures on to us.

On the lighter side, the first day of September marks the beginning of the Christmas Countdown. 125 days left before the Christmas Holiday.

Let’s parteeeeeeeey! :D

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