Saturday, August 23, 2008

People around the globe had kept on unleashing their great talents and skills in different fields of expertise such as sports, science, academics music and arts really amaze me. It’s just there are countless people who deem it as an ordinary job, but for ordinary people like me, it is an extraordinary feat.

I’m pretty engrossed on people with extraordinary jobs.

Photographer/ Photojournalist

Since last year, I’ve been absorbed with the latest camera model, its advanced technologies ranging from the lens to other properties. I’ve been fascinated on capturing not only life’s precious moments but on some still objects like the flowers, leaves, trees and other people in an ordinary day. Somehow, I began to appreciate life more through the world of photography. These are sample photographs taken from random professional photographers in Flickr.


A journalist’s profession is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. I know it’s dangerous but I think the only thing that makes a journalist’s life to be at stake is whether to surmise that the news they’ve acquired is truth or not. They only want to deliver fresh and unbiased news to the public that are vital in one’s life. Sometimes, knowing the truth needs a price to pay, like the lives of millions of Journalist around the globe. The world is indeed a cruel place to live in.

Air Traffic Controllers and Commercial Airline Pilots

I once deem to be an ATC or a commercial airline Pilot when I was young. But through the years, I have reevaluated my interests and decided to pursue my career in medicine. Enough said. Watching Air Crash Investigation of the National Geographic made me realize that their jobs are always dangerous and a minor mistake would lead to an impending loss of lives.

Other jobs with obvious reasons (but some are oblivious to it): Teachers, doctors, nurses, OFWs, and other numerous jobs that don’t have bad intentions on to the community.

No doubt, they are the unsung heroes of the new generation. Guys, I salute you.

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