Friday, December 12, 2008

Whatever Yaya

You guys are really fantastic, really.

This Christmas, I shall give you an essential gift: the thickest and latest edition of Webster’s Dictionary. You guys will surely love it, and I bet you’ll learn a LOT of things from my gift. Enough of this cynicism because I’m sick and tired of it… but I can’t state this in a clear-cut manner, it’s a matter of choice whether to contemplate with this entry, or not, the hell I care.

What’s the use of promoting the spirit of amity, sportsmanship and camaraderie where in fact you’re committee can’t consign with these certainties? Trust plays a decisive role in this circumstance. It’s more expensive than the largest diamond of the world. You’re promoting to have a diplomatic event and yet you’re the catalyst of the superfluous hostilities. It’s like endorsing your most hated products here in earth. Sometimes, winning is not directly associated with success and triumph. Sometimes, you need to experience the bittersweet downfall in order to taste the real essence of life. Funny thing was you want all things to be smooth and simple. You do whatever it takes to be on top, and you don’t care whether if it’s still permissible or not. You do those secret connivances with those treacherous people whom we have trusted since day one. You’re such a coward. You’re afraid to face the realm of Queen Demise.

All of the efforts, sacrifices and sweat aren’t worth it at all, thanks to your fantastic evil plans. Who cares if you won millions of gold awards? Well, we do actually care if it’s gained through hard work and perseverance; otherwise, it would raise one’s eyebrow. It was indeed a waste of time and very appalling.

Indeed, they’re so fantastic. Those guys deserve to have a statue with their bitter faces. Eat your shorts, smarty pants.

What a paradox.

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