Thursday, December 18, 2008

The OX Dynasty: Imminent

To infinity and beyond! Say sayonara to the Pig’s Dynasty. Of course, in a matter of weeks, we will welcome the new dynasty, the Ox Dynasty. Apparently, 2008 was undeniably the best year for me. I don’t have any qualms on it, since lots of adventures occurred on to my life. And I thank God for the fruitful year he had given not just to me but for my family as well.

Let’s start.

January. First month of the year.
Ideally, I continued to ride on with my adventures as a freshman of UP. Second semester was starting to be stressful at this month. It was my first time to flunk in a Bio subject (just the 1st long exam), first time to got more than a hundred percent in an exam and yeah, really enjoyed the first moving exam of Bio 3 Lab. Hahaha. Plans for our first field trip were already finalized, except for the date. Siigh.

February. The month of Love and Chocolates.
I started to get frantic with my PE subject. It’s just sometimes I don’t attend this class and somehow felt that Sir Salazar knew me already due to my excessive absences. Good thing, he didn’t drop me from his course. Lol. And oh, it was somehow excruciating since we just have to grope our weary souls to exams. Just give us a break and will continue after a day or two. Rest is inevitable. Oh yeah, Valentines Day aka Single Awareness Day (SAD) wasn’t sad at all. It’s like Christmas; we exchanged gifts to and from our Valentine buddy. Most of us acquired Chocolates. It was such a sweet day for us. Oh yeah, who couldn’t forget the time when we had our first field trip? It was actually far, Maragusan, Compostela Valley Province. It’s just a one day trip but the traveling time was longer than the actual experience. How ironic. Also, we celebrated the CSM week. Likewise, in our department, we offered free medical checkup, like the blood type determination, fecalysis, urinalysis and the infamous sperm count. Nobody dared to do the sperm count. Jack for a cause. Lol. Three anonymous donors donated their sample. But I think I knew those guys. HMMMMMM.

March. Last month of school. And everything gets more demanding.
Comm 3’s project was fun since I interviewed a professional, which happened to be my aunt. Lol. I learned how to edit sound files in a basic way. Bummer. And yeah, I think in the third week of this month, ABS-CBN launched its latest Big Brother edition, the second season of Teen Edition. Everyone’s glued on to this show since it showcased how teenagers behave. Admit it, almost all teens could relate in this show, somehow, right? And yeah, there are people who chose to continue their future outside our second refuge. Oooh, Jansel and Inna we missed you badly. Who couldn’t forget Neil and Yuri’s decision of transferring to Elbi? Hahaha. ‘twas a melodramatic month for us. Lol.

April. YEBAH. Summer is Love.
After the grueling challenges of school, it’s time to give ourselves a break, a 70-day break that is. This month, I chose to stay home than to attend advanced summer class. Wait, I think my parents chose not to attend the summer class and I just followed them. Crap. I thought summer’s gonna kill me due to boredom. I guess not. I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop. And today, I can feel the importance of Photoshop. I learned how to create themes and a lot of techniques in the said program. Hahaha. Also, I met with my high school friends, met new friends in Mulitply, and Friendster. When I’m home, I’m just in front of my computer and doing some rounds in the web. Apparently, my normal life had just started on the third week of this month. Also, lots of beach parties occurred on this month.

May. Why does May feels like Sunday?
The last month of freedom. So yeah, time flew so fast since I’ve been doing these things everyday. So I opened up my online business. At least, there are some people who admired your taste I digital art. My fascination in photography began on to this month. I thought I would end my summer break in a boring way. So yeah, thanks to Aiai, we embarked in a cool adventure, literally. We invaded the Island in the Sky. I missed this place, also the Epol Falls. It was my first time to see the magnificent clouds just a foot above us accompanied by heavy fog. It was also my first time to swim in the falls. Yehey. It was such a magnificent debut party. Thanks Ai!

June. School again.
So yeah, we just did the same routine, falling in line and waiting for hours just to have your clearances signed. And yeah, we met the centennial batch. Number of enrollees went drastically low due to TOFI. TOFI sucks, right? But hey, it was the month of introductions, aspirations and promises. Hell, promises are meant to be broken.

July. The second month.
It was the month where all first long exams were lined up in my calendar. Heck, I don’t know where or what subject to start with. Imagine, we had four laboratories and everything happens simultaneously. Ideally, it should be a soft start, but no, it was a sudden salutation to hell. Heck, it was my first time to be late in an exam. Exam was 7.00 – 9.00 am but I woke up at around 8.15 am. Damn. When I arrived at school, I only had thirty-five minutes to answer the exam. I didn’t have much time to review the exam. Shit. This was the last month of my seventeenth year of existence. And oh, two days before my birthday, I broke the three thousand grand worth Separatory funnel. God damn it. :P

August. Sweet 18.
Hell yeah, the first day of August was a little bit appalling since I received the result of Chem 31’s first long exam. What a great birthday gift for me. Shit. It was surely cynical. But hey, I really enjoyed my birthday since I also attended Patrice’s debut party and I also met with my high school friends. Had an update with those people though. And yeah, this month, we had our first field trip in Botany. I really enjoyed the beach. The sea was very salty in fact, I floated without the aide of the life-saving thingamajig. Lol. I think, we will return to vanishing island for our Zoology this semester. Also, BS Biology Pep Squad reigned in the annual Dula 2008 in the cheerdance competition. Hurray for Bio! Also, my exercises one and three in Botany got lost without any valid reasons. But hey, Dr. Novero just misplaced it in her work table. Pheew.

September. The most grueling month of the entire first semester.
Somehow, we managed to have another field trip in Botany, and this time, we invaded the mountains, the Eden Nature Park. It has a breathtaking view of the city and it was a nice place, after all. Also, this month was the most tiring since we had to arrange series of mentally degrading activities, such as the take home exam in Physics. Pandemonium. Who couldn’t forget MIKROS? Well, it’s our play in Microbiology. We got a perfect score on it. Kudos to Direk Anj for the successful play. Videos edited by July were stunningly hilarious. Lol.

October. Lost and not found.
Yeah, the month that we have been waiting for. Sembreak! It was the month were we celebrated Anj, Ralph and Mikko’s eighteenth year of subsistence. And yeah, while rounding up with the celebration, I have to mourn to the loss of my beloved personal things, including my beloved cellphone. The hell. It was my fault. Lol. And yeah, semestral break was shorter than last year. We only had three weeks of break. But hey, we still enjoyed our break. It was also the month where Nogy’s office called me and I’m qualified with the scholarship. Thanks Nogy, I had lots of new toys this Christmas. Lol.

November. Start of Something New.
Everything went on a smooth pace and each day turned out to be ordinary and mundane. Inasmuch as the school’s concerned, nothing had changed. It’s still stressful. Yet, I still enjoyed school, thanks to my extraordinary chums. Awwwww. And oh, I have changed my perception on sleeping inside the classroom, thanks to Prof. Escano. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life, but the most astounding event in my stay in UP. Hahaha. So I developed a new technique. Oh yeah, TWILIGHT MADNESS was really.. uhhmmm, yeah, surprising. Almost everyone is aware of the fictitious love story of Bella and Edward. Hahaha. I too became attached with Meyer's works of literature. But the first book is the BEST.

December. Happy Holidays.
Well, things are getting to be dreary, again like in the month of July. But somehow I managed to be on top and the sleepless nights were somehow paid off by the results. Oh yeah, I would never forget the Indak-indak competition of the annual Lantern Parade. Gosh. It’s very embarrassing yet I really enjoyed every detail on it. And we did the traditional exchanging of gifts.

Every moment in life should be cherished no matter how boring it is.

Smile, life is a wonderful story to tell.

Merry Christmas!
May you have a blessed new year everyone!

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