Saturday, December 06, 2008

Daunting Atenean: Her Epic Story

Ateneo is an institution ran by Jesuits.

It's one of the most prestigious universities here in our country. Likewise, I personally knew some people who graduated in Ateneo that had a good demeanor and admirable academic records. In fact, some famous celebrities are graduates from this institution. I have nothing against with university per se, but I just find this very intriguing. A student blabbered something appalling about one of our forefathers, the Aetas after her retreat or recollection (I think it was a religious activity) in Pampanga.

Since it was “well written” on her Facebook account, I can’t read it since she’s not my friend (and I don’t have plans on adding her to my account, for the sake of Hitler’s ass)! Thanks to Mario Geronimo for posting these five controversial pictures depicting the actual blog entry of this poor Atenean…


I pity this girl. It’s just she doesn’t know how it feels to live in a different way of life. She even didn’t give even the most minuscule respect to those Aetas. I mean, if she wants to rant how smelly they are, or how ragged their clothes and faces are, she should have kept it within herself, and not rant about it in the cyberweb. Indeed, she made her choice, published her infamous entry and poof, she became an instant celebrity.

I’m quite awed by the existence of this kind of personality. Tsktsk.

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