Sunday, December 14, 2008

Freedom of Expression, per se...

So I haven’t seen the news recently. Okay, so I’m not totally aware of what’s happening in the world. When I was in grade school, I’m always updated in current events. Today, I already suck at it. I can’t blame it; I’m wholly landlocked with the eternal bliss of internet, psp and the scientific realm of Crichton. Apparently, I fumbled with Kuya Carlos’ latest blog entry ( and it was quite interesting.

Mar Roxas, a presidential aspirant said Putang Ina during the Anti-Charter Change rally in Makati last Friday, December 12, 2008.

(Putang ina is a foul expression of the Philippines and is the equivalent of America’s Mother fucker. Literally speaking, putang ina translates to “your-mother-is-a-whore”)

I thought it was an accident, but upon seeing the video, it was done intentionally. Well, he may sound convincing since he shouted in his speech, even with the use of microphone. You can now only perceive the emotion, and not the message of his speech. Without any doubts, this may somehow affect his stance for the 2010 presidential election. But I cannot blame him since he’s only professing his perspectives of the current administration and for the possible Charter Change.

He used the infamous and strong foul expression just to imply his disappointment on the current administration, the Arroyo Administration.

This is the beauty of the freedom of expression.
This is Democracy.
This is the REALITY.

So guys, what you think?? :)


  1. Anonymous2:19 AM

    Mar Roxas PUTANG INA a statesmanlike act???? Hindi ang PUTANG INA ang sagot sa crisis!!
    Mukha ngang bagay talaga sa iyo ang tawaging Mr. Palengke dahil sa bunganga niya!! Politically immature!!

    - Mr. Sipag at Tiyaga
    Magalang sa lahat ng oras!

  2. apparently, he was just exercising his freedom of expression, but heck, there are some points that are quite depressing, like: "wala nang pag-asa sa pilipinas" and "nasa ibang bansa ang pag-asa". what's the point of ruling a hopeless country? in his speech, he must emphasize that there's still hope. Filipinos are innovative and I'm sure they'll find every possibilities to sustain their lives and families.

  3. Really? He said that in public? wow, that would be the first time I heard about a politician using a curse word in one of his speeches. Well as I have experienced from being an activist, I have never encountered anyone, not even those who led the rallies, have used curse words in when they talk about their sentiments about the current issues. So what I would like to point out is that yes, he has the right to his freedom of expression but musn't he do it in a more appropriate because the masses do view people of his status as educated.

  4. I find Sen. Roxas' use of 'putang ina' inappropriate. More than anything, he as a senator and as a presidential candidate should practice tact as whatever comes out of his mouth has an inevitable repurcussion on our nation's image. It was a deliberate usage after all, a conscious choice.

    Although Mar had eventually reasoned out that he was merely expressing the mood of the masses,the usage is no less pretentious. Considering Mar Roxas' background i would have expected an "Oh my Gosh'. For God's sake, He's an Araneta and if I know, elites have a distaste for mass expression and prefer the spanish punyeta.

  5. kimchippy: apparently we have the same view. he should have opted to "GRABE", or other expressions. Filipinos have tons of expressions! hahaha. I know putangina or motherfucker in english is very VERY inappropriate to use in the public. hehehe

    Lawrence: I know right, some people would think that he comes in a chaotic family/lineage, or worse, an adopted child of the powerful family line of Roxas. hehehe :)