Thursday, December 25, 2008

Of Resolutions and Aspirations

In the year 2009, I will:

Be a good boy to momma and dodda dear. (T__T)

Be a responsible dog owner, well they haven’t took a bath for almost a year already, although I just had injected Ivomek, a drug used to repel unwanted ticks, fleas and parasites.

Explore the deepest realm of Mother Nature.

Enjoy the last year of teenage life. I’m turning 19 this 2009. (T__T)

Read Mitch Albom’s books. Damn, I haven’t read all of his books, except Tuesdays with Morrie

Celebrate when he reached his one-thousandth blog entry in Multiply. Yey. This is the 759th entry. Lol.

Climb Mt. Apo. WAAAAIIIIIT. I don’t have plans to mislay my limbs because of that strenuous climb. Maybe, spending a night at Camp Sabros, Kapatagan, Davao del Sur is enough. I’m already contented on having a breathtaking view of the highest peak of the Philippines. I just hope it won’t explode since Mt. Apo is still active. It’s a dormant volcano, like Mt. Pinatubo.

Learn to appreciate small things. Wait, I’ve been doing that since 2005. Okay, so appreciating smaller minutiae of life is better.

Ride to the longest zipline of the country – Camp Sabros.

Refrain from saying the PI word. Use fuck instead. LOL.

Write something that is sagacious.

Have more adventures this year (hopefully).

Try bungee jumping at Macau (how I wish).

Try not to be vain.. TOOOOOOOOOT. Wait??! Is that for real?! My God.

Just sleep than to cram if I didn’t understand the lesson and tomorrow’s gonna be the exam. Who cares if I’ll fail? It’s my own fault and grades do not make me richer and healthier. Lol.

Be a drug dependent – caffeine.

Connect with my long lost aliens.. ack.. I mean.. friends and classmates from high school.

Compose songs. YEAY.

Study about the principles in photography. Nope, this is just one of the things that allay me from stress aside from piano, music and photomanipulation.

Talk in front of the mirror more often. I’ll just imagine that my imaginary best friends are getting more garrulous than ever.

Download discographies of DJ Tiesto. House-Techno-Trance music is LOVE.

Learn how to play the guitar. Ugh, maybe it will take a decade. My hands only touch the piano. What do your hands touch? (N__N)

Learn how to drive a car. YEY. I have a license but I don’t know how to MOVE a car.

Try not be a beach bum this year, instead, I’m going to be a mountain bum. How’s that huh?

Be more extra careful and vigilant to his personal things.

Desist to something. Wait, I can’t control it.

Try to live in a healthier lifestyle. What is the use of those dumbbells in my room? Wait, those aren’t mine though.

Try to attend Eucharistic celebrations more often. This year, I attended only five Sunday masses. I still believe in God, but sometimes laziness would ponder every Sunday morning.
And hey, sometimes I feel like I’m acting a newborn Atheist. Caramba. (T__T)

Try to grow my stubble for a week. I wonder what I will look with all those clumped black pigments all over my chin and cheeks. Hmm.

Most of all, I will have an undisturbed sleep (14 hours at least) every weekends.


How about you?

What are your goals this 2009? :)


I LIKE THAT ______!
Ooops mouth-to-mouth resuscitation! CLEAR!

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