Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vantage Points

Honestly, I didn’t notice that my last blog entry was three days ago. Apparently, I haven’t noticed it. Lol.

Here goes nothing.

11.08 pm, December 30

I am a little bit anxious of school. It seems like I’m craving for an extended vacation. I still don’t want to return to the cynical world of UP. Ack. And yeah, on the eve of Christmas Day, my Genetics professor gave me 10 (or was it 11?!) readings about the latest technologies in Genetics as well as Molecular Biology. Due to my excitement, I hurriedly downloaded it because I was so keyed up with it. I THOUGHT it was an article from Newsweek or Time or better, NatGeo. Exhilaration abruptly changed to disillusionment when I realized that the readings were actually research papers of doctorate students in States. WTF! Yeah, I can still manage to understand those basic concepts but heck… overall, it was waywardly confusing. Heck, I have already finished encoding my notes in MST 6. Confusion… I am really confused with our exam schedules. Daaaahh, I had just texted my Zoology prof asking if we will have our first long exam this Monday, January 5. WOW. We’ll be starting our new year with a BANG – banging our heads due to confusion. Enough of this trash.

She didn’t reply to me. Ayayay caramba. I just hope she just ran out of credits or she can’t reply to me since I’m a Globe subscriber and she’s a Smart user. Hay naku =/

Okay, two days after Christmas an online buddy posted a link about it. Ever heard of a politician who brutally beat a 56-year old father and his 14-year old son because of simple misunderstanding? Not yet? Well, I doubt you actually didn’t care the news lately. Yeah, I have read Bambee’s blog about it the day after the actual incident. I can see the sincerity and honesty of her entry. First things first..

What’s the motive of Bambee of writing a blog about it? According to n-ASS-er, it was just a hoax and even claimed that the beaten family provoked them first. Bambee didn’t even know you for Christ’s sake. So what? Who cares if you’re the son of the DAR Chief? You’re still human. It only shows that your comportment faultily needs psychoanalysis. You act as if you are the most powerful asshole of the world. If people do not recognize you, is it already a good basis to thrash people? You are dangerously playing with your wits. Do not ever use the name of God as if you’re innocent.

“Ipinagdadasal ko po n asana lumabas ang katotohanan” --> What the FUCK. GO TO HELL n-ASS-er.

Okay so I’m pissed big time with this ass. I don’t know. But I think he didn’t deserve to be respected as a politician or what, after what he had done to those innocent people. Ack! Okay, so I’m ranting even if I’m not affected with this infamous indignity. It made me realize that some people are blinkered – they just assume that if they’re famous, they can do whatever they want even if how sinister it is.

(read the full article here:

The world is indeed fucked up. =|

On the lighter side…

I somehow enjoyed my short break. After like two to three weeks of non-stop brain action, I shoddily need a break.

I do not need to read a certain novel like a bat out of hell.
I do not need to scuttle things.
I do not need to rush meals just to reimburse my sleep scarcity.

Not at all!

This Christmas break, I just need to relax, take a mouthful of air and chill. Oh yeah, this is life. But I shouldn’t stop exercising my brain. Cosseting with mind games like Sudoku and Text Twist is also a good activity. Haha.

Plurk plurk plurk. Once again, I cordially invite you to create an account to this electrifying social-network site. Add me! Hahaha. Mind you, I’m a million times more talkative than in multiply! HAHAHAHA. Plurk isn’t that boring if you have lots of online buddies.


Okay, so it’s been an hour and a half since the first word of this entry. Boy, I haven’t noticed the time. 23 hours and 33 minutes to go before 2009! I really enjoyed 2008. Lots of adventures and realizations in life…

Oh yeah, I just want to add some things in my goals for the year 2009:

  • Publish an article in a local newspaper. I have just read that they’re accepting contributions anywhere, anytime. I just need to email it though, haha.


  • Read the works of Tom Clancy.

That’s it. I think this is going to be my last blog entry for the year 2008, I THINK, uhhhh, yeah.


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