Saturday, December 06, 2008

Writing Unwinds my Dreary Soul

It’s threey in the morning and I know mom will be infuriated later this day when she’ll wake me up at around nine in the morning. It’s going to be a looong day for me. I missed this kind of lifestyle, sleeping late without any worries in the field of academics particularly in Biology. All I have to do right now is to relax, take a deep breath and just cram this Monday. Reading the blog of others is one of my hobbies in thae net, aside from making my own entries. Heck, school is enjoyable most especially if you’re together with your friends who shares commonalities in qualms and joys. Double heck, I don’t like exam week. It makes me feel that tomorrow’s gonna be the “Apolcalypto” day. It’s just like I’ve been racing through journals and books, as if the libraries and bookstores will end its glorious existence on this doomed planet after twenty-four hours.


A few minutes ago, I suddenly craved for French fries. I looked up in the freezer and saw nothing but frozen meat and ice. Ack, mom’s not fond of purchasing fries in the grocery. And suddenly, my brilliant mind flashed a blinding thought, thanks to my ultra-bright 5000 megawatt thinking bulb. I rummaged the interior space of the ref and saw one lone potato. Ooops, I almost forgot. Mom used at least three to four potatoes for her spare ribs. Man that was great. I had a lip smacking dinner. Anyway, I peeled the lone potato and took me almost 45 minutes to accomplish that simple task. Yeah I know. I suck when it comes to cooking. I don’t have a talent for it, except for hotdogs, eggs, pancakes, and pancit canton. Ack. So yeah, I just poured ample amounts of cooking oil, set the stove on fire with the pan on top (of course) for about ten minutes and listened to Enya.

Then, I cooked ala-Hell’s kitchen style. The crackling sound of the oil and potato complements my mood. I tried the potato slices to be as thin as possible. It was great. Though I almost forgot that frying potatoes were a bit smoky…So after five minutes, I declared the National Fog day since the house went to zero visibility! Virtually, I can’t see anything, until the smoke had dissipated. But yeah, above all, my superb cooking skills were gleaming, so gleaming that my system wants to eat more fried potatoes. Potato scarcity is the latest trend in our kitchen today.

And my iTunes player shuffles its way to Runaway by The Corrs. Dang, where the hell are you guys? I miss you so much. I’m craving for your music.

Oh yeah, what’s the hype of having wish lists on blog entries? Well, I’ll just post something since it’s the Yuletide season. Some of it may be insubordinately impossible, but heck, that’s the fun part! If one is motivated, the impossible would surely evolve into a new form, which is possible. Evolutionary Etymology…

Here’s the “unofficial official” wishlist of Renzy:

1) Compaq Presario C700. They promised for it and I can wait for this precious thing.

2) A black Sony PSP Slim. I can play Virtual Tennis All day long.

3) A ten-thousand-bucks worth of shopping spree at National Bookstore. Why not? This afternoon, I just went to National Bookstore and found numerous novels. If only I have lots of money, I would have shopped for Tom Clancy, Anne Rice and Robert Ludlum’s novels. Acccckkkk. I just read the first 15 pages of Anne Rice infamous novel, Interview with a Vampire. Crap. I should be sneaky when it comes to that prohibited thing. Wait, I didn’t see any warning signs about free reading.

4) Round trip Tickets and Pocket Money to Macau. Shit. I want to experience the highest bungee jumping in the world. I’m not afraid of heights. The higher, the better. And yeah, Macau is more beautiful than Hongkong since the former boasted some Portuguese-inspired buildings which were built back in the 1700s.

5) Any highly-acclaimed books of Genetics and Molecular Biology. Hard-bound is better. I’m fine with the LPE version as long as the paper’s glossy and it’s colored. It motivates me to appreciate more on to the realm of Genetics and Molecular Biology.

6) A free ticket to any upcoming Coldplay or The Killers gig/concert. I am absolutely a DIE-HARD FAN OF THEM. Period.

7) Unlimited supply of Pilot Gtec C3: Black, Red and Blue and Stabilo highlighter orange and pink. Why not?! I’ve been using these school essentials since fourth grade.

8) Any Digital SLR cam. It’s the skill that matters most.

9) SE P1i. And hope that it’ll not get lost. I should be more careful with my things and more sentient with my environment right now. I still mourn for the loss of my N73. :( Drama.

10) One month stay in Iceland (during July) or in Chatham Island, New Zealand (in December). I just want to experience the 11pm sunset, or better, the midnight sun. These two are great places to visit.

Ten things aren’t enough but I think if I proceed with the eleventh ‘til the nth power, it would still be dreary and sometimes thoughts that spill out from my brain are becoming superfluous.

I still have two birthdays to attend. This 5pm would be rather a simple 18th birthday celebration Krista aka Chipmunk. By 8pm, I should attend Jeannine’s dance number for her lavish debut party on the following day. Too bad, it seems that attending the last week of Biolympics would be implausible. On the brighter side (ding!) I still have two more Biolympics left, and hopefully the controversies would be lessened. C’mon guys, let’s show the spirit of Camaraderie. Winning is only a title, for crying out loud. What matters most is the games and other events are played and judged fair and square.

I think this is the longest sabaw entry in the English Category. I haven’t tried to blog on my native tongue, which is Visayan. But heck, I’m not that fluent when it comes to those deep visayan words. Yes, I can speak and write fluently, though the spelling part would be a total disaster. But I will try to write a short entry by using the infamous dialect. I know some people wouldn’t understand it. But heck, Visayan is a very influential dialect. Words like kawatan (thief), tanan (all; the multitude) are now accepted in the Tagalog language.

See? I told you. I’m becoming superfluous again.

It’s almost 3 in the morning. I need to sleep. Two more exams left before the geek’s emancipation. Yeehah!

I enjoyed the sheer sarcasm of this entry. LOL.

I’ll see you around guys. Have a nice day. :)

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