Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the Verge of Being Sick

I really hate the weather’s inconsistency. It’s killing me! Being an asthmatic is really gruesome, I tell you. I can’t eat shrimps, CRABS, squids, shells and other sea foods except fish and some seaweed. Also, I’m very susceptible to flu most especially if I’m subjected to arduous activities and if my immune system is weak.

And now, I feel sick. My lungs had this mild throbbing pain and I always cough every ten minutes or less. The yellow-green mucus substance is driving its way from my alveoli to the head of my trachea. You know the feeling of it? It’s very itchy. The odd sensation makes my brain to do this peculiar thing: grab my trachea, remove it from my body, wash it with something that could somehow remove the atypical sensation and reinstall it in my body. I know that sounds stupid, but hey, if you’re in my place, you’ll definitely feel my predicament and do the same thing!

It all started yesterday. I don’t know. My brother’s been coughing since Sunday but he didn’t show any weakness. And he’s fond of sneezing

Maybe, I caught this cold from him, or not.

And now, my joints are starting to ache. God damn flu!

Should I blame this to myself? I tend to condone my physical psyche most especially if it’s the dreadful exam period. Sometimes, I skip dinner just to compensate my sleep deprivation.

Or not…

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