Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Scrooge Junior

Christmas is imminent and children as well as the elders start to belt there famous Christmas songs every night. Talking about the traditional culture of Christmas Caroling. Lol.

But no, I’m starting to feel Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ infamous novel, A Christmas Carol. I easily get irritated whenever I hear those joyful (but sometimes, it can be waywardly raucous) chants from children and sometimes from the elders. Apparently, I opt to give scraps of coins to the elders than to those mischievous children.

I can’t blame myself if I’m acting like Scrooge. It’s just like the spirit of caroling is very different compared to the decade when I was still young (mid-90’s). I can still sense the spirit of Christmas since my contemporaries are bound to be more serious than today’s generation. Sometimes, it can be infuriating when they sing this chant after you give some coins: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, ANG BABARAT NINYO, THANK YOU! It’s insulting. I mean, they’re acting like mongrels from outer space.

Today, I opt not to open the doors whenever I hear the distant wails and chants of the mongrels. Oops.

Baaaah, Humbug!

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