Monday, December 08, 2008

There's always a point..

Well, according to the evening news, Philippines experienced zero-crime rate from 11am to 4pm. The reason? People were glued into the much feted fight of Pacquiao and dela Hoya.

And as if the earth stopped revolving on its own axis for five hours.

And a commentator of a radio claimed: High officials of the Philippines went to States to support the People’s Champ. And thus, they had used the People’s Money for their hotel accommodation and airline tickets.

And then, he added this statement: People will demand of a course that is related with boxing – and the chancellor for this department will be Rolando Navarette.

One of the jokes in the world that can raise one’s eyebrow…

I think the commentator’s life is at stake. Ay caramba!

I had enough of this worldwide crap. Sheeeesh.

I can’t imagine if Pacquiao and other boxing celebrities will invade the top gaming consoles of this planet. Ack.

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