Monday, December 01, 2008

Makeso at Makrema

Millions of adjectives aren’t enough to describe her beautiful existence.

Shet ang cheesy ko.


I was quite pissed with our DSL connection. Crap. Well anyways, the important thing is, I’m done with my Bio 150 assignment.

Three days with no internet connection wasn’t a big deal to me since I was very busy in our band practice, Jeannine’s debut dance practice and all those assignments and lab reports in school.

Last Saturday I and mom decided to watch Twilight at SM. Apparently, I just bought an outfit for Jeannine’s debut. So yeah, we ate at Mcdo. I only ate BigMac as my dinner. Yeah right, I can endure a meal with no rice. Pfft. I expected that a LOT of people will watch the much-awaited flick. BUT I DIDN’T EXPECT THAT THE LINE INSIDE THE CINEMA WOULD BE THAT LONG. Shoot. But we were able to find a seat inside the cinema, thank God.

Yeah, the book is BETTER than the movie. But hey, I enjoyed the movie. People inside the movie house, particularly the girls and girlaloos screamed the moment Rob Pattinson appeared in the movie. And have you seen Stephenie Meyer in the movie? That was quite interesting. And oh! Jasper is..uhhhhmmm.. WEIRD. And oh! I really love Alice, most especially the baseball scene. It seemed that she incorporated the art of ballet in baseball. How about Carlisle? He’s so white plus he wore the ultra-white lab gown. Some avid readers of the saga were disappointed by the movie since some details were missing. But heck, I can’t blame it since two hours isn’t enough. I would give 4.5 out of five stars as my rating. I should have written this in my review page but I guess my blog section badly needs an update. Lol.

Sunday was the dreariest days of my life, as of this year. I had to cheer, shout for the players and dance for Jeannine’s debut. Imagine, we have to dance Uptown Girl next week! Crap. But heck, I enjoyed the dance despite some minor clashes from my classmates and the choreographer. Heck. And yeah, despite the inconsistency of Biolympics, we still managed to push through with the event, which is the Battle of the Bands. Great. Anyhow, we also had the modern dance competition. Ateneo’s entry was very astounding. Super! I really love the Disturbia part!

Well, I hope my song composition entitled Solace will bag the first place. Too bad, I can’t watch the MTV Spoof, Mr. and Ms. ADBM and the awarding of prizes.

Oh yeah, to all TAR (The Amazing Race) fans out there, next week’s gonna be the season finale! WOOHOOO! Hope Nick and Starr will win the million dollars. YEEHAH!

Great! Genetics First Long Exam this Thursday. I have to study. =|


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