Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kwento ni Juan

Apparently, the demise that I'd experienced yesterday was compensated by the events that occurred since eight in the morning.

First, we had no class in MST6. No, Doc Obsioma hadn't arrived in our room and it was already 8:50 in the morning. Take note, we had this simple university rule which states that a student reserves a right to leave the classroom if the teacher fails to arrive in the room fifteen minutes after the designated time of a certain subject. Fifteen minutes for a one-hour-and-thirty-minute subject, ten minutes for a one-hour subject and 30 minutes for a three-hour subject. And yes, we left the room and headed straight to the canteen.

But a minor problem appeared later in the afternoon, I forgot to print something important in our Ecology lab report. And yes, good thing my house is just 15 minutes away from UP. Thank God.

And yeah, the SMM (Society of Math Majors) conducted their annual Math Mania at the "historical" Lorenzo Hall of UPMin. Yeah, it seems to be a tradition for the three of us (me, Aidz and Mikko) to join any quiz bowls in our school. Last year we joined Math Mania 2007. We fortunately bagged the second place. This year, for the second time around, second place pa rin kami. Hahahaha. Last sem, in the annual Talisikay 2008 Quiz bowl, sponsored by the UP Omega Alpha Frat-Soro, we got the second place. Lol. One main reason on why we venture to this kind of mental adventure - TO GAIN MONEY. Hahaha. Sayang, if only we answered France instead of Germany, we could have savored our ultimate victory. But hey, the ComSci Freshies were wicked. :))

Always remember: Nicolas Sarkozy is the current president of FRANCE, not GERMANY. According to Joie, he's the president of Czech republic. His name didn't sound like Fran-shwa, She-shwa-Vugou-she-avevwa-shou-shwa. His name sounds like of German origin, or CZECH-ish. Hahahaha. :)))))

And yeah, we ended our day, or shall we say, the night in a local Bakeshop near the university. We ate donuts, drank pepsi and talked anything under the sun. Bonding moments kumbaga with others. Lol. It was such a fantastic day.

And yeah, I'll not sleep in the CLASS, especially in AH6 (Visual Communication Arts). Ayoko nang ma double-dead-meat sa class ni Prof. Escano. T_T

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