Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lazy Dog

It’s already dark, even at 5.30 pm.

And now, I’m beginning to be indolent to create or update a new post in my multiply. But it’s good news! Because tomorrow, I think we will have a quiz in Biochemistry at 8.30 sharp. Gotta change my lifestyle from now on…

I shall make a review on the twilight saga soon. I still have 50 more pages to go before Breaking Dawn’s happy ending. So much for that, kiddo ‘coz I still have to read Michael Crichton’s Next and Bill Evan and Marianna Jameson’s Category 7. It’s a sci-fi novel that deals with Genetics and the latter is also a sci-fi novel that deals with Mother Nature’s imperishable force.

Speaking of the devil, I heard that Michael Crichton’s already dead??! Crap.

Rest in peace, T-Rex Lord…

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