Friday, November 07, 2008

5 weeks of being an immortal

Since the third week of September, I decided to join the realm of immortals. Yes, and it felt so great to stay in their world. I used to have a perfect face and my aura smells like a combination of Hugo Boss and the sweet fragrance of Lilac. I used to have the most pristine smile.

And today, I woke up and I realized that my stay in the realm of the immortals had finally ended.

True, the Twilight saga was indeed spectacular. I didn't have any regrets of reading this book even if I got mediocre results in my exams. Perfect. At least I'm still a regular student, for crying out loud.

I first heard this saga from my best friend, Louie. It was summer and I didn't bother searching it on the net or browsing in the local bookstore in downtown. I thought it's just an ordinary Dracula-inspired novel. And then the first semester came and I realized more and more people are reading it. Some of my contacts here in multiply had even posted some reviews about it and I thought of reading this book. Girls go gaga with this infamous "Edward Cullen" and I really wonder why.

Who the hell is Edward Cullen, for Christ's sake??!

Actually I bought Twilight just because of curiosity. Who cares. I don't care if girls outnumbered the guys who read this saga. The hell...

And then, I flipped on to the first pages of the first book.

And I have embarked on one of the most treacherous literary adventures of my life.

I thought I was the only one reading this in school. After a few weeks, I just saw some of my classmates as well as friends from Food Tech reading the Twilight series. I guess Meyer's manner of describing her characters had flocked millions of people to read her novels. I was quite surprise to see my ever-studious friend, Kim to read the novel. It was quite funny to see her, smiling while reading the book.

And so, I bought New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn - hotcakes in the bookstore.

From the four books, Twilight is the BEST. It was my first time to feel the real "kilig" factor. Whatever, it's just.. ugghh, I can't explain it.

So, if you haven't read the series, it's not to late to start on it. And if you can't afford on buying the four series or if the books are always not available in the bookstore, then you can read it in the computer. E-books pare. Though, it's quite illegal, but it's your choice. I prefer to buy the four books since it would last for a lifetime.

--And I really thought Harry Potter would be the last one to be considered as the most astounding story of the world.

Move on, Rowling, 'coz Meyer will rock the literary world.


  1. oh no, not you also???

  2. oh yeaaaaa. ako rin!!

    hahaha. pero mas adik pa rin si kim! xD