Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sweet nothing

Blogging about my dream girl is highly unusual. I think this is the first time (just browse the archives and read over 690-something entries and prove to me that I'm wrong).

I find Kim-Tae Hee pretty. Oh wait. She's not pretty..


Her acting skills may suck but she's beautiful AND intelligent. She graduated at Seoul National University (the "UP" of South Korea since it's the national university..) with a degree of Fashion Design. I don't know, no matter how hard she try to pose some ugly shots, she is STILL beautiful. How I wish I'll meet someone that has a very close resemblance to Kim-Tae Hee since meeting her would be quite implausible (but who knows, destiny acts like magic).

Okay. Dream on, dork.


  1. me, i like jeon ji-hyun. you know, the "Sassy Girl" actress...if you're wishing to find someone who looked like Kim Tae-Hee, i'm wishing i'm a jeon ji-hyun look-alike. dream on, stupid! hahahahaha...

  2. HAHAHAHA. binigyan pa nga ako ni Kim ng mga printed pics niya nung 3rd year high school kami. lol.